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About Robert’s World Money

Roberts World Money has been selling and collecting banknotes for over 15 years. What started in 2004 as a hobby and part-time Ebay selling, has now grown into a family business and website with thousands of notes. We have been lucky enough to build relationships with banknote collectors and sellers from all over the world. Our goal is to show the importance of banknote collecting to honor the history and culture of all countries and allow banknotes to serve as a window into the world they represent.

Meet Robert:

I am a father of two girls, and my wife tells me we have been happily married for 38 years – and in this case she is correct. I am originally from England (Essex) but moved to rural Jesup Georgia in 1994 and loved it there – in 2010 work took us away to a new adventure in Westport, MA. I enjoy working in the community, and my hobbies, are collecting banknotes and CD’s. I have a large collection of each – and when my wife told me that I had too much money, I thought it was about time to sell some. In fact, when I first started collecting I found it hard to find some of the unusual currencies on Ebay, so I decided to try to find and sell some of the harder to find currencies (of course as they are hard to find – I don’t always have them in stock) however, to pay the bills (and save for the girls wedding costs which hopefully is in the very distant future) I also sell some of the regular banknotes. I am always happy to help find notes for people, all you have to do is ask. I really enjoy collecting and selling and through selling I have come into contact with lots of great people – I look forward to maybe meeting you one day also.

I believe in total honesty and integrity and I will treat every customer with respect, I am also a customer and know how I liked to be treated, I also believe in communication so I will try my best to let you know exactly what is going on with your order;- I am not out to make a fortune (of course that would be nice) but I hope to pass on my love and excitement for banknotes to others. I still get excited to open a new delivery of notes, and feel the crispness and smell that banknote smell. (I wonder if Airwick; makes this scent for their plug-ins?) I also get a thrill seeing people order notes, and shipping them out – hoping they will get as much enjoyment out of them as I do; whether just by looking at them, or researching the depictions and history, or perhaps just reading our blogs about the certain notes, I hope all our customers enjoy their orders.

I especially like to hear when notes are brought for children – I am not very smart, but I do know where Lesotho is (and the denomination of their notes – and I didn’t have to stay in a Holiday Inn to find out) I think, and that is hard for me, that collecting banknotes is a great educational tool, and when I do talks about banknotes I always pledge that any child who collects banknotes will be top of the class in geography in no time.

Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to contact us with any questions or queries.


Meet Katie:

Like most millennials, when I was a teenager I never thought too much about my father’s business nor the enjoyment of banknote collecting.  Through college I would help Pop out when I was home for breaks, since I could earn some extra money while staying in my pjs. After graduating university in Georgia and seeing my parents move north, I decided that they would miss me too much if I stayed behind. Therefore, in Fall of 2011 the cat and I moved 1,000 miles and imposed myself on my parents once more. Since then I have gotten so much enjoyment out of working with my father’s business and with him (he makes a good cup of tea too). In the last few years I have become somewhat nomadic and been fortunate enough to go between Europe and America, traveling, working and exploring beautiful areas.

Through the years of working for my dad I have learned so much about the world and gained such an interest in different counties and their history. From the Zimbabwe inflation of 2008 getting me interested in learning about the events and history of that country; to traveling through Europe in 2016 learning about the figures represented on their banknotes. I have grown and learned so much about this world through the collection of banknotes. I want to share that passion and enjoy writing different blogs about my travels as well as banknote information I find interesting.

Getting to work with my father is very rewarding for me (though hearing the same jokes everyday can get old!) and I have been lucky enough to meet several of our customers through my travels. Pop and I are always happy to help our customers grow their collection and we love hearing about your own connection to the currency you collect. Thank you for stopping by, and happy collecting!



One thought on “About Robert’s World Money

  1. Really enjoyed meeting you both via blog. The same reasons you’ve listed, are the reasons I enjoy the hobby as well. My great granddaughter, whose middle name is Elizabeth, enjoys the fun notes with QE2 on them!
    Please don’t stop. Thank you both.

    Galen Wickline

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