Travel with us to Bermuda. Bermuda is an archipelago consisting of 181 islands, and is a British Overseas Territory. This island nation is considered the shipwreck capital of the world with over 300 shipwrecks. No matter where you are in Bermuda you are never more than a mile away from the ocean.

This week’s banknote is Bermuda 2 Dollars p57c BNB 230c 2018. The 2 Dollars note is a paper note with English text. On the front are images of Queen Elizabeth II, a bluebird, flowers, a butterfly, and sailboats. The back of the note shows butterflies, compass rose, the Royal Naval Dockyard clocktower, and a statue of Neptune. The watermark is a Hibiscus flower and electrotype sail boat.

The Royal Naval Dockyard is a busy port with cruise ships, artisans, several boutiques, and the Bermuda National Museum. It was once the British Royal Navy’s stronghold, which was established after American Revolutionary War. It was from this dockyard that British ships set sail for Washington D.C. and Baltimore during the war of 1812. This dockyard remained an important strong hold for about 150 years. The British Royal Navy would leave the main dockyard in 1951, and in 1982, Bermuda invested $60 millions dollars to turn the abandoned dockyard into the tourist destination it is today.

The statue of Neptune can be seen at the Bermuda Maritime Museum also known as the Bermuda National Museum. The museum is located within what used to be the fortress keep of the Royal Naval Dockyard. The museum showcases 500 years of Bermudian history and culture. The statue of Neptune, the Roman God of the Sea, is a replica of the wooden figurehead of the HMS Irresistible of the British Naval Fleet.

This turquoise banknote displays images of Queen Elizabeth II, a bluebird, a compass rose, Royal Naval Dockyard clocktower, and a statue of Neptune. The current price for this note is $14.00, but it is subject to change. To see more about this note or other notes like it, head to our website.

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Country: Bermuda

Denomination: 2 Dollars

Pick #: 57c

Banknote Book #: 230c

Grade: UNC (Top edges have crimping and is standard)

Year: 2018

Other Info: A/2 Series – Sign 43 (as per BNB)

Coloration: Multicolored

Depictions: Blue Bird; Drawing of yachts in background; small bust of Queen Elizabeth II; Hologram seal; Butterfly outline; Dockyard clock tower; Statue of Neptune; Boat & lake in background; Church in background

Note Size: 5 1/2″ x 2 3/4″

Continent: North and Central America

Watermark: Hibiscus flower and boat