This week we are looking at a banknote from North Macedonia. This country is in Southeast Europe, and gained its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. In 2019, Macedonia changed its name to North Macedonia after an agreement with Greece. North Macedonia is a mountainous country with a diverse climate. It is one of the oldest inhabited regions in Europe.

Our featured banknote is North Macedonia 500 Denars pNEW BNB105a 2020. This banknote is a paper note with Macedonian text. On the front are hook-shaped earrings, gold foil patch, and a golden death mask. The back of the note has images of poppy blossoms and flowering plants. The watermark for this banknote is the death mask.

The golden death mask is from a 6th century BC necropolis near Ohrid. The necropolis of Trebenista was discovered in 1918. This cemetery consisted of 56 tombs, 12 of these tombs were royal burials. The royals were buried with signs of their wealth, which included precious metal vessels, jewelry, weapons, and funeral masks. So far, only 5 of the royal tombs had the golden tin death masks. Death masks were used to represent the features of the deceased, and to honor them. It was also thought that the mask would help the deceased in their afterlife.

This 500 Denars note shows images of earrings, golden death mask, and poppy blossoms. This banknote is our current featured note and will be offered at a discounted price for a limited time. The current price for this note is $24.75, but it is subject to change. To see more about this note or other notes like it, head to our website.

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Country: Macedonia, North

Denomination: 500 Denari

Pick #: New

BNB: 105a

Grade: UNC

Year: 2020

Other Info: Macedonia have added “North” to their country name. As such they issued new notes with the new country name.

Coloration: Orange

Depictions: 6th century golden death mask; Trebenista Orchid; Violet Poppy (Flower)

Note Size: 5 3/4″ x 2 3/4″

Continent: Europe

Watermark: Golden Death Mask