Comoros is an archipelago off Africa’s east coast in the Indian Ocean. This group of islands was formed by volcanic activity, and has also been called the “perfumed islands” for its flowers. Comoros is known for being picturesque, and its name comes from the Arabic word for moon. There are three national languages: Arabic, French, and Comorian.

Our banknote this week is Comoros 500 francs p15b (BNB306b) 2006. This note has French and Arabic text. On the front of the banknote are images of Sal Lake on Grande Comore, and mongoose lemur. The back of the note displays images of orchids, and a poem by Mbaye Trambwe. The watermark is a crescent moon with BCC.

Sal Lake or Salt Lake is located on Grand Comore. This lake is an extinct volcano that has been filled with water. As the name implies, the lake is filled with salt water, and scientists believe that it is fueled by the ocean. Sal Lake is considered bottomless because scientists have been unable to establish how deep it is. There have been at least two deaths from scuba divers trying to determine the depth of the lake.

Mongoose lemur is a small primate that came from Madagascar. They are arboreal animals, spending most of their times up in trees, and are considered critically endangered. These lemurs can live up to 30 years. They have a mainly fruit diet, but have also been found to eat bugs, birds, fungus, and dead wood. These animals have pointed faces, bushy tails, and are dark-brown.

The 500 francs note shows images of the Sal Lake on Grande Comore, lemur, orchids, and a poem by Mbaye Trambwe. This banknote is our current featured note and will be offered at a discounted price for a limited time. The current price for this note is $8.10, but it is subject to change. To see more about this note or other notes like it, head to our website.

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Country: Comoros

Denomination: 500 Francs

Pick #: 15b

Banknote Book #: 306b

Grade: UNC

Year: 2006

Other Info: “J” Prefix Only now

Coloration: Pink

Depictions: Lemur; Flower

Note Size: 4 3/4″ x 2 1/2″

Continent: Africa