In Western Africa, bordering the Atlantic Ocean is Guinea. This small country is bountiful in natural resources like gold and iron. The coast of Guinea has recently been sinking creating islands, estuaries and drowned valleys. Going inland, the geography gives rise to a mountainous plateau. Guinea is home to a range of ethnic groups each with strong traditions.

Our blog-ette this week is on Guinea’s 10,000 Francs p46a BNB336a banknote. This is a multicolored paper note with French text. On the front are images of a young girl, coat of arms, three shells and a pineapple. The back of the note displays Lady of Maali rock formation on Mount Loura. The watermark is an image of a young girl.

Guinea’s coat of arms was adopted in 1993, and shows a shield with the colors of the national flag: green, red and yellow. Above the shield is a dove carrying a golden olive branch. Below the shield is a ribbon with the motto: “Travail, Justice, Solidarite.” This translates to “Work, Justice, Solidarity.”

Mount Loura is the highest peak in Fouta Djallon in northern Guinea. Located at the top of Mount Loura is the Lady of Maali or the White Lady of Africa. The carving resembles a large female figure. Scientists have estimated it to be between 5,000 to 25,000 years old, but they have been unable to determine if it was carved by man or erosion. That being said, it is widely believed to have been carved by man since Mount Loura does not receive the kind of weather to cause such erosion. Another theory is that survivors from Atlantis carved this female figure after making this area their new home.  

This 2012 note is a great addition to anyone’s collection. The current price for this note is $15.00, but it is subject to change. To see more about this note or other notes like it, head to our website.

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Country: Guinea
Denomination: 10,000 Francs
Pick #: 46a
Banknote Book #: 336a
Year: 2012
Grade: UNC
Other Info: Similar to p42 – with color change (red from green) and Hologram seal on front
Coloration: Red
Depictions: Young Girl; Pineapple; Crest; Field with trees; Rock formation
Note Size: 6″ x 3″
Continent: Africa
Watermark: Young Girl