Travel with us as we look at a note from Myanmar. Myanmar also known as Burma is a country in Southeast Asia. This country was closed to travelers for a while due to Covid and a military coup that took place in 2021. Luckily, now those who wish to travel there are able to visit as its borders have reopened to most travelers. This is a country with diverse ethnic groups, and a rich history and culture.

The banknote we are looking at is Myanmar 10,000 Kyats p84a 2015. This is a multicolored paper note with Burmese and English text. The front of this note shows two elephants flanking a laurel wreath with map of Myanmar. The back of the note displays the Mandalay Palace. This note’s watermark is a Lotus blossom.

Elephants have a considerable presence in Myanmar. White elephants in Myanmar were once considered sacred. They were kept by royalty only and were worshipped. These elephants symbolized peace, prosperity and good luck. In Buddhism, which is practiced by a large fraction of Myanmar’s population, elephants are associated with Queen Maya of Sakya who is Gautama Buddha’s mother. Additionally, the Asian elephant has a large presence in the logging industry. Elephants are trained to carry logs in mountainous areas where it is difficult for vehicles to get to.

Mandalay Palace was the royal palace of the last Burmese monarchy. It was constructed between 1857 and 1859 under King Mindon Min. This palace was built when Mandalay became the new capital city. Mandalay palace was constructed using Teak wood and is in the center of a fortress. A few decades after its construction the palace was seized by the British military and looted, and during WWII the palace was bombed leaving only two of its original buildings. In the 1990’s the palace was reconstructed using its original design, but more modern building materials. Nowadays, the palace is used for military and some areas, such as the gardens, are open to the public to visit.

This brightly colored banknote is a delight to look at. It displays two elephants flanking a map of Myanmar, and the Mandalay Palace. The current price for this note is $32.50, but it is subject to change. To see more about this note or other notes like it, head to our website.

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Country: Myanmar
Denomination: 10,000 Kyats
Pick #: 84a
Banknote Book #: 118a
Year: 2015
Grade: UNC
Coloration: Multicolored
Depictions: Elephant Crest design; Palace building
Note Size: 6″ x 2 3/4″
Continent: Asia and the Middle East
Watermark: Flower