Join us this week as week take a look at a nice banknote from Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa that borders the Atlantic Ocean. The country’s name translates to “roaring mountains” or “lion mountains” in Portuguese. It has a tropical climate and diverse habitat. This country is infamous for their blood diamonds or war diamonds which were mined for weapons during the country’s bloody civil war.

This week’s banknote is 1,000 Leones p30a 2010. This red and yellow paper note has English text. The front of the note shows carving, coat of arms, and Bai Bureh. The back of the note displays a telecommunications satellite dish. Watermark for this note is a lion’s head.

Bai Bureh was a ruler and Muslim cleric in Sierra Leone. He is best known for leading an uprising against the British in 1898. The conflict began when British colonists implemented a hut tax in 1983. Sierra Leoneans had to become laborers in order to pay this hefty tax. The tax was used to build roads, railways and towns, but Bureh argued that the Sierra Leoneans should not have foreigners leading their government and implementing taxes on them. The uprising ended with Bai Bureh and other leaders being exiled to Ghana. Eventually, Bureh was allowed to return to Sierra Leone as the Chief of Kasseh.

Sierra Leone’s coat of arms was adopted in 1960. It shows two lions supporting a shield between them. On the shield is a lion below a zigzag border that represents the “lion mountains” which the country was named. Below the lion, are wavy lines that symbolize the sea. Additionally, it displays three torches that symbolize education and progress. At the bottom is the motto: Unity, Freedom and Justice.

This colorful note shows Sierra Leones coat of arms, Bai Bureh, and a telecommunications satellite. The current price for this note is $5.00, but it is subject to change. To see more about this note or other notes like it, head to our website.

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Country: Sierra Leone
Denomination: 1,000 Leones
Pick #: 30a
Banknote Book #: 125a
Year: 2010
Grade: UNC
Coloration: Multicolored
Depictions: Bai Bureh, Crest, Carving, Satellite Dish
Note Size: 5 1/4″ x 2 1/2″
Continent: Africa
Watermark: Lions Head