For this blog-ette we are looking at a banknote from Macedonia. Macedonia is a geographical region above the northern region of Greece. In 2019 Macedonia changed its name to North Macedonia. Officially the Republic of North Macedonia. This was done after decades-long argument over Macedonia’s name.

The note we are looking at is Macedonia 10 Denar p25 2018. This is a multicolored polymer banknote with Macedonian text. The front of the note displays a crescent- shaped gold filigree earring from the 4th century BC, and a 3rd century BC statue of Egyptian Goddess Isida. On the back of the note is a peacock mosaic from Episcopal Basilica in Stobi. The watermark for this note is a shadow image.

To my knowledge, the Egyptian Goddess Isida is also known as Isis who was one of the greatest Goddess in ancient Egypt. Originally, she was an obscure Goddess, but with time she was worshipped throughout the Roman Empire from England to Afghanistan. Her name comes from the Greek word for “throne.” She was a magical healer, was important in the last rights for the dead, a role model for all women, and curer of the sick. Isis was always portrayed as a beautiful woman with a sheath dress, and a hieroglyphic symbol for “throne” or a solar disk on her head. Some pagan religions still worship her to this day.

Episcopal Basilica in Stobi was built in the 4th century with additions and repairs being made in the 5th and 6th century. The Episcopal Basilica was a grand two-story building with many seats, columns, and an atrium. The walls and floors were covered with frescos and mosaics depicting animals and geometrical motifs. One of these mosaics is shown on the back of the note, and an image of the original mosaic is shown at the bottom of this blog-ette. The site of the Episcopal Basilica is part of the Stobi Archaeological Site and was first excavated in 1918. There have been several campaigns to continue the dig of the basilica and surrounding areas since then.

This multicolored banknote shows a lot of history. Featured on it is a statue of Isida, a 4th century BC earring, and a beautiful peacock mosaic. This note is currently priced at $1.75, but it is subject to a change.  To see more about this note or other notes like it, head to our website.

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Country: Macedonia
Denomination: 10 Denar
Pick #: 25
Year: 2018
Grade: UNC
Other Info: Polymer Note
Coloration: Multicolored
Depictions: Bird (Stylized Peacock – a detail from the floor mosaic in baptisteries of the Episcopal Basilica in the ancient city of Stobi); Statue of Bust, Goddess Isida; Polymer window; raised dots for blind
Note Size: 5″ x 2 1/2″
Continent: Europe
Watermark: Polymer window with stylized peacock

Image of mosaic from Episcopal Basilica in Stobi