This week travel with us as we look at a note from Uganda. Uganda is a noncoastal country in East Africa. It has ample wildlife, and a diverse countryside. Uganda is home to the largest freshwater lake in Africa, and it is the source of the Nile River. Additionally, Uganda is home to the endangered Mountain Gorillas, and several other primates. A fun fact about Uganda is that it has the youngest population with the median age being 15 years old.

The note we are looking at is Uganda 2,000 Shillings p50e (BNB155e) 2019. It is a blue paper note printed by De La Rue. This note has both English and Swahili text. The front of the banknote displays a profile of a man wearing Karimojong headdress, Source of the Nile Monument in Njeru, Nile River, and Uganda’s coat of arms. The back of the note shows the profile of a man wearing a Karimojong headdress, sun, map, Tilapia, and the National Independence Monument in Kampala. The watermark for this note is a Crested Crane.

The Karimojong headdress is worn by Karimojo men. The men are divided into groups based on age. When initiated into the next age bracket, the man shaves his head. Once the man’s hair has grown long again, they plaster it with mud, paint it and set ostrich feathers into the plaster. This mud cap or Karimojong headdress is a symbol of bravery and status.

The Nile River is the longest river in the world, spanning 4,132 miles in length. The river starts in the south below the equator and flows north depositing into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile begins near Jinja, Uganda; however, there are several sources to the Nile rather than just this one. In some areas of the river, you will see dense rainforests and others will be in grasslands. This grand river has supplied water to plant life, wildlife and may people throughout its long existence.

Uganda’s coat of arms was adopted in 1962 shortly before the country’s proclamation of independence. The coat of arms displays a shield with the image of a sun, a traditional drum, and the waves of Lake Victoria. Behind the shield are two spears which represents the willingness of the people to defend Uganda. The shield is flanked by a Crested crane on one side, and a Ugandan Kob on the other. Below this is green grass with the motto “For God and My Country.”

This 2,000 Shilling banknote displays some important cultural and geographical aspects of Uganda. Make sure you head to the website to look at this note and other notes like it.

Country: Uganda
Denomination: 2000 Shillings
Pick #: 50e
Banknote Book #: 155e
Year: 2019
Grade: UNC
Coloration: Blue/Green
Depictions: Source of Nile Monument in Njeru; Crest; River in background; Fish; Map of Uganda (showing 0 Latitude Equator); National Independence Monument in Kampala
Note Size: 5 1/4″ x 2 1/2″
Continent: Africa
Watermark: Crested Crane