This week travel with us to Albania. Officially called the Republic of Albania, the country is located in Southern Europe bordering the Adriatic Sea. Despite its small size, Albania has many ruins and archeological sites to see. In the evenings, Albanians all over the country go for a walk and catch up with neighbors. This official evening walk is called xhiro. Currently, there are more Albanians living outside the country then living inside the country.  

The banknote we are looking at is 200 Leke PNL (BNB322). The Albanian note is from 2017 but wasn’t introduced until 2019. This polymer note has Albanian text. The front of the note shows an open book, Naim Frasheri, Bank of Albania building, and coat of arms. The back of the note displays paper with a phrase, fountain pen, and the house where Frasheri was born.

Naim Frasheri was a writer, historian, poet and translator from Albania. He is regarded as the pioneer for modern Albanian literature, and an important figure of the Albanian Renaissance. Frasheri has since had many schools and monuments dedicated to him. The phrase shown on the back of the note is taken from a Frasheri poem. It states, “Ti Shqiperi me jep nder, me jep emrin shqipetar” which means “You, Albania, bestow upon me honor and the name Albanian.”

Albania’s coat of arms is also what you will see on the Albanian flag. The emblem is based on the seal for Gjergi Kastrioti Skanderbeg. Skanderbeg was a military commander who led a rebellion against the Ottoman Empire in what today is Albania, Macedonia, Greece and Montenegro. The coat of arms shows a two-headed eagle with Skanderbeg’s helmet above it. The eagle is black with a red background.

This cream and brown note pays special tribute to Naim Frasheri. Additionally, it was nominated for 2019 Banknote of the Year. Make sure to head to our website to check out more on this note and other notes like it!

Country: Albania
Denomination: 200 Leke
Pick #: New
Banknote Book #: 322
Year: 2017
Grade: UNC
Other Info: 2019 Banknote of the year – NOMINEE (polymer note)
Coloration: Brown
Depictions: Writer Naim Frasheri; Outline of Bank building; Crest, Open book, Page with text from Frasheri’s poem, house where Frasheri was born; pen, polymer window
Note Size: 5″ x 2 1/2″
Continent: Europe
Watermark: Polymer window