This week our banknote comes from Fiji. Fiji is an archipelago of over 300 islands in the South Pacific. Fiji is known for its beautiful coral reefs and beaches. It has three official languages: English, Fijian and Fiji Hindi. Fiji has a national drink known as Kava which is made up of ground root from the pepper family. This drink is said to help with insomnia, stress and headaches. The island is also known for Fire Walking where members of the Sawau tribe walk across hot stones.

The note we are looking at this week is Fiji 2 Dollars p109b 2011. This note is mainly green and has English text. The front of the note shows Mohar (sovereign locket), domodomo (canoe masthead), Queen Elizabeth II, and coat of arms. The back of the note features grandstands and track at ANZ National Stadium in Suva (multipurpose rugby stadium), school children in Korobasabasaga, mountains, domodomo, and bank logo. The watermark for this note is a Fijian head.

Mohar or Mohur was a gold coin of India and Persia equal to 15 silver rupees. The gold coin weighted about 10 grams. Mohar was later used by the British in India and surrounding countries as the standard gold coin. The Mohar was used in the 1800s and the early 1900s.

The domodomo is a canoe masthead that was created in Fiji. The masthead is made from Kau (wood) and carved into a cylindrical shaft with a large leaf or horned shaped head. The shaft has segmented ribs/ rims on each side for strength. The domodomo was used on ocean going double hulled canoes called ramarama. The ramarama took 5-7 years to create. The last great one was built in the 1870’s and given to Ratu Seru Cakobau (Fijian warlord).

Fiji’s coat of arms has been in use since 4 July 1908. The coat of arms shows two Fijian warriors supporting a shield between them. The shield is divided into quarters by a cross. The quarters show a bunch of bananas, coconut palms, sugar cane, and a dove symbolizing peace. At the top of the shield is a lion holding a cocoa pod in its front paws. Above the shield is a sailed canoe. The coat of arms is also present on the national flag.

Country: Fiji
Denomination: 2 Dollars
Pick #: 109b
Banknote Book #: 520b
Year: 2011
Grade: UNC
Other Info: Sig. 4: Alternative Signature – Acting Governor
Coloration: Green
Depictions: Queen Elizabeth II; Mohar (sovereign locket), domodomo (canoe masthead); Coat of Arms; ANZ National Stadium, School Children in Korobasabasaga; Mountains
Note Size: 5″ x 2 1/2″
Continent: Australia and the South Pacific
Watermark: Native Woman’s Head