This week we are looking at a note from Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan was part of the Soviet Union until 1991 when they declared their independence. This small country borders the Caspian Sea and has a section of the Caucasus Mountains in the northern region. Azerbaijan means “protector of fire’ which is a leftover from thousands of years ago when their ancestors worshipped fire.  Azerbaijan is also well known for its vineyards and mulberry groves.

The note we are looking at in this blog-ette is 100 Manat p18b 1999. This note has Azeri text, is pink, blue and green. The front of the note shows Maiden Tower in Baku with a skyline of oil wells and a minaret dome. The back of the note has two columns framing an ornate design. The watermark is three flames.

The Maiden Tower is a popular landmark in the capital city, Baku. It is seen on several Azerbaijan Manat notes. The tower is surrounded in some mystery. For instance, historians aren’t sure of the original purpose of the tower, or when it was built. Some believe the tower was built in medieval times around 1200AD when most of the wall city was being built. However, some of the stones used to build the tower are different which has led others to believe the tower was built around 600BC.

There are several legends about the Maiden tower. One legend says that a young woman took her own life by jumping off the tower in order to get out of an arranged marriage. This legend is how the tower got its name Maiden Tower. In 2001, the tower was put on UNESCO World Heritage List of Historical Monuments. Now the tower serves as a museum for Azerbaijani history and gift shop.

The 100 Manat note is eye catching with its bright colors yet simple design. The Maiden Tower takes center stage on the front of the note. While the back of the note has an ornate design. This is our current featured note and will be offered at a discounted price for a limited time.

Country: Azerbaijan
Denomination: 100 Manat
Pick #: 18b
Banknote Book #: 308
Year: 1999
Grade: UNC
Other Info: This note is printed on thin paper and as such does not feel like a regular note.
Coloration: Pink/Blue
Depictions: Maidens Tower, Spiral Designs
Note Size: 5″ x 2 1/2″
Continent: Asia and the Middle East
Watermark: 3 Flames