This week we are looking at a 50 Livres note from Lebanon. Lebanon also known as the Lebanese Republic is located in the Middle East. It is a small country bordering Syria, Israel and the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon is known for ancient Roman ruins, castles, limestone caves, and historic Churches and Mosques. One of the most popular places to visit in Lebanon are the ruins in Baalbek which can be seen on the front of the note.

The note this week is Lebanon 50 Livres p65c 1988. As previously mentioned, the front of the note shows the ruins of the Roman Temple of Bacchus in Baalbek. Additionally, it has a mosaic of a raging bull and a tree. On the back of the note is the Citadel of Tripoli. This note has both Arabic and French text, and uses a cedar tree as the watermark.

Baalbek encompasses the ruins of an ancient town once known as Heliopolis (City of the Sun). It was inhabited as early as 9000 BCE and was fundamental for ancient civilizations. Around 138-161 AD, historians believe that Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius commissioned temples honoring the Roman Gods. It has four known temples- Bacchus, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. The Temple of Jupiter is one of the largest Roman Temples ever created, but sits mostly in ruin now. The most well-preserved of the four temples is the Temple of Bacchus which is decorated with carvings.  

On the back of the note is the Citadel of Tripoli. Commissioned by Raymond IV of Saint Gilles, Count of Toulouse in 1103. Raymond IV was a crusader who set out in the first crusade in 1096. By 1102, his attention turned to Tripoli. There he wanted to create a city-state to control the areas trade routes. This stronghold is also known as the Citadel of Raymond de Saint-Gilles, or as Qala’at Sanjil.

The watermark for this note is the cedar tree also known as Lebanese cedar. According to the bible, it is considered to be the first of trees. The bible mentions it as a tall, strong and beautiful tree. This tree is also on the Lebanese flag, coat of arms, and other bank notes.

This delightful note is brown, green, yellow and blue in color. It shows a mosaic of a bull and tree, the Roman ruins of Baalbek, and the Citadel of Tripoli. Check out our website to learn more and take a closer look at this wonderful note.

Country: Lebanon
Denomination: 50 Livres
Pick #: 65c
Year: 1988
Grade: UNC
Other Info: No Control Number (BNB 506c) Sign 6
Coloration: Brown/Blue
Depictions: Ruins at temple of Bacchus at Baalbek; Buildings
Note Size: 6″ x 3 1/4″
Continent: Asia and the Middle East
Watermark: Cedar Tree