Take a trip with us as we look at a delightful note from Belarus. Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. Formerly part of the Soviet Union, Belarus gained its independence in 1991. This week we’re looking at Belarus 5 Roubles p37a 2009 (2016) note. The 5 Roubles note has Belarusian text and is a 2009 note that wasn’t introduced until 2016. On the front of the note is a stack of bricks, and the Tower of Kamyenyets. The back of the note shows a wooden wheel, leather belt fragment, and wooden structures of a 13th century Slavic settlement in Berestye.

The Tower of Kamyenyets is also referred to as White Tower. “White” is not used to describe the color of the tower, but meant freedom to ancient Slavs. The tower is made of brick and has a red/ brown color. Built between 1271-1289, White Tower was used as a stronghold. Unfortunately, due to wars in the area, White Tower is the only such fortress remaining in Belarus. In 1960, the tower became a part of the Brest Regional Museum, and has become a popular site for tourists.

The 13th century Slavic settlement in Berestye was excavated in 1968- 1981. Archeologists found 28 log cabins, walkways, and over a thousand artifacts used for daily life. Located on a promontory made by rivers, the settlement covered at least 1118 square meters. The settlement was abandoned in 14-15th century due to encroaching marshland; however, its residents didn’t completely leave the area. The ancient Slavic tribe stayed close by, and continued to use the river as a source of food and trade route. In 1982, this site became the Berestye Archaeological Museum.

The 5 Roubles note, features national historic sites White Tower and 13th century Slavic settlement. This lovely colored note gives a glimpse of the wonderful history in Belarus. It is no wonder these sites have been used on this note.

Country: Belarus
Denomination: 5 Roubles
Pick #: 37a
Year: 2009 (2016)
Grade: UNC
Coloration: Brown
Depictions: Tower of Kamyenyets in Kamianiec; Wooden Wheel; Wooden boxes; Wooden structures of 13th Century Slavic Settlement
Note Size: 5 1/4″ x 2 3/4 “
Continent: Europe
Watermark: Tower of Kamyenyets and cornerstones