In the beautiful Caribbean Sea is the island nation of Jamaica. This small nation has amazing beaches with crystal clear water and is surrounded by coral reefs teeming with tropical fish. Jamaica has such a rich culture and beautiful places to visit like Montego Bay and Dunn’s River Falls. You can get a small slice of Jamaica with this 2 Dollar p69h note. The note has a seahorse underprint, and shows Jamaica’s Coat of Arms, Paul Bogle, a hummingbird, and school children.

The Jamaican Coat of Arms was designed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, William Sandcroft, and was granted to Jamaica under Royal Warrant in 1661. It features Jamaica’s motto ‘Out of Many One People’ at the bottom of the emblem. The Coat of Arms shows a man and a woman from the Taino tribe to the sides of a shield. The shield bears a red cross and five pineapples. On top of the shield, is a crest with a crocodile mounted on the Royal Helmet of the British Monarchy.

Additionally, the note shows Paul Bogle. Bogle was a Baptist deacon and activist in Jamaica. He is a national hero. He focused on ending social discrimination and improving the conditions of the poor. Bogle was the leader of the 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion where hundreds marched to the courthouse in protest. Unfortunately, some of the protestors were killed which led to protesters retaliating by burning the courthouse down. Bogle was captured, tried and hung in 1865 for his role in the rebellion.

This interesting note gives a glimpse of the beautiful island nation. I love that they used a national hero on the note, and school children on the back. It is uplifting and heartwarming. Make sure to check out this pretty note and let us know what you think.

Country: Jamaica
Denomination: 2 Dollar
Pick #: 69h
Year: 1993
Grade: UNC
Other Info: Signature 9 (BNB# 225h)
Coloration: Beige/Green
Depictions: Paul Bogle; Swallowtail humming bird: Crest; School Children (Quote: Out of Many, One people)
Note Size: 5 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Continent: North and Central America
Watermark: Pineapple