The Republic of Yemen or Yemen was once a nation divided between the north (Yemen Arab Republic) and the south (Aden Protectorate). The two nations united in 1990 after years of hostility, and hereafter became known as the Republic of Yemen. In 2018, Yemen released 200 Rials p38 note. It is a delightful, orange colored note featuring both Arabic and English text. The front of the note shows Zabid castle and has a denomination as a registration device. The back of the note displays a hillside in Hauf National Park. The watermark is Yemen’s coat of arms and electrotype.

Zabid is one of the oldest towns in Yemen and was the capital of Yemen from the 13th to the 15th century. Named after Wadi Zabid (Zabid Valley), Zabid was the center for Islamic education on religion and science. The University of Zabid used to receive Islamic students from all over the world. This ancient walled city is listed on the List of World Heritage in Danger. UNESCO reported that 40% of the housing and historical buildings have been replaced by new buildings, and that the remaining ancient sites are in a worsening state. Unfortunately, with the Yemen Civil war, preservation of the city has been put on the back burner.

The coat of arms of Yemen or Emblem of Yemen was adopted in 1990. The coat of arms shows a golden eagle with a scroll in its talons. On the scroll is الجمهورية اليمنية‎ which is translated as the Republic of Yemen. The front of the eagle depicts a shield that shows a coffee plant and the Marib Dam with waves below. On each side of the eagle is the Yemen flag.

The 200 Rials note is brightly colored and is sure to catch your eye. It shows Zabid castle which was once a glorious city that is now slowly deteriorating, and a scenic picture of a hillside in Hauf National Park. This striking note is our current featured note and will be offered at a discounted price for a limited time.

Country: Yemen
Denomination: 200 Rials
Pick #: 38
Year: 2018
Grade: UNC
Other Info: (BNB# 132)
Coloration: Orange/Peach
Depictions: Zabid Castle; Hillside in Hauf National Park
Note Size: 6″ x 2 3/4″
Continent: Asia and the Middle East
Watermark: Coat of arms