Moldova is a small Eastern European country located between Romania and the Ukraine. It is a relatively young country that gained formal recognition of its independence from the USSR in 1992. That same year brought us this note: Moldova 1 Leu p5 1992. This note is printed with Romanian text, and shows Stefan cel Mare, Stefan’s coat of arms, Moldova’s coat of arms, and Cetatea Soroca (fortress in Soroca). Although this note was designed in 1992 it was not introduced until November 1993.

Stefan cel Mare or Stephen the Great was the son of Bogdan II. Bogdan II and he co-ruled Moldova until his brother and uncle murdered his father Bogdan II, and Stefan was forced to flee to Hungary. In 1457, he was able to return to Moldova, and once again regain his title as Prince of Moldova. Stefan ruled for 47 years which was a great achievement with all of the political and territorial strife that was going on in that region. He was known for giving freed people land, protecting peasantry, and for his bravery in battles. Anniversaries of important events in Stefan’s life are still celebrated to this day, and in 1992 Stefan was canonized by the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Cetatea Soroca is a fortress located in the city of Soroca in Moldova. The fortress was commissioned by Stefan and built in 1499. It was originally built with wood, and had to be rebuilt with stone between 1543-1546. The fortress was built to protect a ford on the Dniester river, and provided a stronghold. Cetatea Soroca could hold a garrison of 200-250 men. It was successfully defended in many battles, but was sacked during the Russo-Turkish War. The fortress remains well-preserved and serves as a tourist attraction in present day.

Moldova 1 Leu p5 note is eye-catching with its bright yellow color. This note celebrates the Moldova’s national hero Stefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great) by displaying a portrait of the prince, his coat of arms, and a great fortress that he had built. It is an interesting note and the portrait of Stefan cel Mare and Cetatea Soroca look like old, beautiful paintings. This note is uncirculated and would be a great addition to your collection.

Country: Moldova
Denomination: 1 Leu
Pick #: 5
Year: 1992
Grade: UNC
Other Info: Talmaci Signature
Coloration: Brown
Depictions: King Stefan; Crest; Soroca Fortress
Note Size: 4 3/4″ x 2 1/2″
Continent: Europe
Watermark: None Discernible

A customer was kind enough to send us some photos of their time traveling in Moldova, and has allowed us to share those photos with you.

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