Israel is a small country located on the Mediterranean Sea, it is regarded by many as the Holy Land. Each year many Christians, Jews and Muslims make pilgrimages to Israel to visit the sacred sites located there. We’re going to take our own visit there by looking at the banknote Israel 1 Lira p30c 1958.

Israel 1 Lira p30c is primarily blue with some contrasting yellow used in the background and in a wreath mosaic. This note displays both Hebrew, Arabic and English text. On the front of the note, you will see a fisherman carrying fishing gear, a bay with a passenger liner, a fishing steamer, and two sail boats. Located on the Mediterranean Sea, the Gulf of Aqaba, and the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee); fishing is an important branch in Israel’s economy and holds historical significance. Fishing activities in these areas dates back to the beginning of recorded history. That said, I had made the assumption that the fishing industry would be one of Israel’s main economic sectors; however, I found that to be incorrect. While it is important to the small country, it is not one of the main sectors. Technology, industrial manufacturing, and the diamond industry (cutting and polishing) make up a large portion of Israel’s exports.

The back of the note features a wreath mosaic from the floor of a synagogue at Isfiya, also known as Ussefiya or Usefiye, located on Mount Carmel. This synagogue and the remains of a 5th century Jewish town were discovered in 1930. Within the synagogue was a mosaic floor with the wreath, Jewish symbols and the inscription “Peace upon Israel.” Additionally, they found 4,500 gold coins that date back to the Roman period.

I love the use of the wreath mosaic, it’s unique and not a typical image used on currency. Plus, it brings up some really cool history about the 5th century town and synagogue that were discovered almost a century ago. Overall, the Israel 1 Lira p30c 1958 note is attention- grabbing, and would be a great addition to any collection.

Country: Israel
Denomination: 1 Lira
Pick #: 30c
Year: 1958
Grade: UNC
Other Info: Bank of Israel
Coloration: Blue
Depictions: Fisherman with net and anchor; Synagogue mosaic
Note Size: 5 1/4″ x 3″
Continent: Asia and the Middle East
Watermark: Fisherman