This week we’ll head to South America to look at a beautiful polymer note from Paraguay: 2,000 Guaranies p228c 2011.  This note features Adela and Celsa Speratti, 2 sisters who were largely responsible for building the education system in Paraguay following the War of the Triple Alliance in which much of the educated population of Paraguay was killed.  The note depicts an open book which is likely a nod to the sisters’ contribution to education, and the back of the note shows a parade of young men waving Paraguay flags.

Adela and Celsa were born in Paraguay in 1865 and 1868, but their mother, Delores, had to flee as a refugee when their father was killed in the Triple Alliance War in 1868, and she took her daughters to Argentina.  They began their studies there as children, and when they were older Delores was able to get a job at a Normal School (a school that trained teachers) and her daughters enrolled there.  Adela graduated first and then became part of the school’s administration.  She later moved and became a professor at a different Normal School in Argentina, teaching reading and writing.  At the encouragement of 2 Paraguayan teachers she met there, Adela agreed to return to Paraguay to help rebuild the country after the war – specifically the education system which was basically non-existent.  Within 2 months of returning to Paraguay Adela had started a school and her sister Celsa soon joined her and helped to put together the first graduate program for girls.  Previously the national education system in Paraguay had only educated boys.  Within 7 years Adela also started a Normal School and was the director of the school until her death at the young age of 42.  Celsa then took over the school for the next 5 years, until she married and retired from teaching.

Without the work of these 2 sisters the future of Paraguay could have been quite bleak.  Though they were only in their 20s when they started, they were able to change the educational direction of an entire country.  This note is a wonderful tribute to 2 extraordinary women!

Country: Paraguay
Denomination: 2,000 Guaranies
Pick #: 228c
Year: 2011
Grade: UNC
Other Info: Polymer Note
Coloration: Purple/Green
Depictions: Adela y Celsa Speratti; Open Book; Military march with waving Paraguay flags
Note Size: 6″ x 2 3/4″
Continent: South America
Watermark: Polymer windows with book design