We’ll stay in the area of South Asia for this next blog-ette and learn about an important commemorative note from Bangladesh – 60 Taca, p61 2012.  The colors and depictions on this note are absolutely beautiful, but what the note is commemorating is much more important than how it looks – the 60-year anniversary of the Bengali Language Movement. Bangladesh was formerly known as East Bengal, and then East Pakistan, before being called Bangladesh in 1971. In 1942 the government ordered that the only recognized national language of East Bengal be Urdu, although most of the population spoke Bengla as their primary language.  This outraged the people, and although public gatherings had been outlawed, students from the University of Dhaka and other supporters held a protest on February 21, 1952 to demand that Bengla also be recognized as a national language. Police fired upon the protesters and killed some of them. 

It is unclear how many were killed on that day, but this banknote features 5 of the well-known martyrs of the Language Movement.  It also features 2 monuments that were erected to remember the martyrs (called Shaheed Minar – “Martyr’s Monument”).  On the back of the note is the original monument, built on February 23, 1952 (2 days after the protest).  This monument was destroyed, so in 1954 a new monument was built and is pictured on the front of the note.  However, it took until February of 1956 for the National Assembly of Pakistan to officially honor what the people were demanding and make Bengla a national language along with Urdu.  The people celebrate Language Movement Day each February 21st to remember those who were martyred in order that the government might recognize the heart language of the majority.  This note is a beautiful tribute to those who fought hard for their rights, and those who lost their lives doing so.

Country: Bangladesh
Denomination: 60 Taka
Price: $5.00
Pick #: 61
Year: 2012
Grade: UNC
Other Info: Great looking and interesting 60th anniversary commemorative note to celebrate the 60 years of Language movement (1952-2012) A great note for your collection as it is not only an interesting commemorative note but has great coloration and depictions.
Coloration: Yellow/Pink/Blue
Depictions: Shaheed Minar (Martyrs’ monument) of the Language Movement in Dhaka; branch with flowers; five men, monument; bank logo
Note Size: 5″ x 2 1/2″
Continent: Asia and the Middle East
Watermark: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman