Whilst choosing a note to write about in today’s blog, I stumbled across this beauty from the Bahamas, and I was immediately captivated by the colours and the art…or perhaps, this note is just telling me that I need a vacation to a tropical paradise…either way, I like it.

Luckily, this one isn’t too hard to write about as the Bahamas also has a fascinating history and some close ties to home (England) – hence why Queen Elizibeth II makes an appearance on this note. In fact, England has always had some involvement with this small, sunny chain of islands: English Puritans arrived in 1649, followed by pirates (some of those English too, such as William Catt and Sir Henry Morgan, who supposedly buried treasure throughout the islands), and then American colonists with loyalty to Britain moved in around a century later. You can’t take us Brits anywhere…

In 1992 the Bahamas decided enough was enough though, and subsequently discontinued featuring Queen Elizabeth on their banknotes. Instead they chose prominent Bahamian politicians to take her place. However, in more recent years this decision has been reversed and Queen Lizzy has made it back to the $3, $10 and $100 notes respectively. The notes now proudly depict the rich history of the small island nation, however, in my opinion, none of the newer notes look as beautiful as the one featured in this blog!

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