Now this banknote is a real beaut! This series of Bermuda banknotes replaced the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and highlights the beauty and culture of the country.

Bermuda, famous for its triangle of doom, has the only national flag that displays a sinking ship. It represents the 1609 sinking of Sea Venture, which led to the British settlement there. This $10 banknote features HMS Deliverance.

It was in Deliverance and another ship Patience by which Somers and his men completed their journey to Jamestown of Virginia in 1610 after the sinking of Sea Venture. Somers, who later died at sea, had his last request honored – to have his body buried in England and his heart buried in Bermuda.

A beautiful and interesting banknotes issued in 2009 available on our website here.




Country: Bermuda
Denomination: 10 Dollars
Price: $35.00
Pick #: 59
Year: 2009
Grade: UNC
Other Info: Richardson – Milligan Whyte sign (Onion Prefix)
Coloration: Purple/Blue
Depictions: Blue Angel Fish; Flowers; Commissioners house in Somerset Parish; HMS Deliverance
Note Size: 5 1/2″ x 2 3/4 ”
Continent: North and Central America
Watermark: Hibiscus flower and sail boat