Well firstly I must apologize, I have definitely been slacking with this EU blog series! We have been busy with listing hundreds of new items to the website after picking up lots of great new notes from the FUN show in January. Included in the new notes are some beautiful Malta notes – so I wanted to pick back up on the series with Malta:


I was fortunate enough to visit Malta, and the island of Gozo, last March. Now when I think about Malta I am reminded of sparkling blue waters and intriguing architecture. After a particularly cold winter in England my cousin and I were most welcoming to the Malta sun and warm March weather. It was a beautiful trip of exploring a beautiful country.

How great is this? I loved strolling the streets.

In 2004, ten new European countries joined the EU – Malta was included. The Maltese liri continued to be used as the countries legal currency until 2008 when the euro was adopted and the local lira was phased out.

2 Shilling banknote from 1942 – available for sale  here

While early Maltese shillings and pounds depicted King George VI and later his daughter Queen Elizabeth II, the 1973 new issued lira notes depicted scenes of Malta. Perhaps the most notable image on these lira notes is the addition of Melita. This fifth and final issued banknotes depict this personification of Malta, using Edward Caruana Dingli’s 1922 Melita design. Dingli’s design shows Melita wearing the Maltese Cross on her breastplate, with a helmet and sandals. Melita is holding a rudder which represents the Maltese are in control of Malta’s destiny.

Maltese 2 Liri note – available for purchase here

I think about how these old Malta notes were carefully designed and created to represent their incredible country and patriotism. If you look at our Maltese banknote selection  unfortunately a lot of notes are now sold out, or only one available. They are getting harder to find, but I believe are well worth the effort as I find them to be spectacular banknotes. Look at these notes, and think about the stories and beauty of Malta, the euro can never do justice to such an incredible and specific area. Just another example of what is lost when transitioning to the euro. I think that is why I love European notes so much, because we can hold onto the old designs and remember the stories past banknotes have told. We treasure these more now knowing that the Maltese lira, like so many currency before, is no longer circulating.

We took an amazing boat tour around the Maltese Blue Grotto