Tunisia! What a beautiful banknote featuring Habib Bourguiba and the plentiful of the nation.

The 91st largest country in the world, Tunisia has 1,148 kilometers (713 miles) of coastline…and some of the Mediterranean’s most spectacular beaches are to be found in Tunisia; to the north is a coastline of crystal-clear waters, lush vegetation and wild cliffs, while the southern coastline is fascinating due to the desert landscape surrounding it.

A beautiful note which is back in stock on our website. You can find it here.


Country: Tunisia
Denomination: Half Dinar
Price: $15.00
Pick #: 69
Year: 1973
Grade: UNC
Other Info: African Currency
Coloration: Multicolored
Depictions: Habib Bourguiba; Man with camel; Colorful scene with landscape; Sheep; bowl of fruit and sailboat on lake
Note Size: 5 1/2″ x 2 3/4 ”
Continent: Africa
Watermark: Habib Bourguiba