To go along with Katie’s blog on the Euro and the pre Euro currencies of the European nations, I thought this maybe a good time to write a short blog on a selection of coins that I have received from many European countries before the Euro. It is interesting to see the coins that were in circulation in each country before they went to the Euro coinage.

The coins come in a CD case. Actually a neat idea – but sadly, as us older people remember, CD cases were prone to cracks and/or the lugs on the openings not working as they should – so some cases do have issues. However, this does not detract from the coins inside and most are what I think is called CU in the coin world. As you all know I am not very knowledgeable on coins (and maybe on banknotes one may say).

Anyway, this could be a good way to “remember” the good old days before the Euro (see also Katie’s blog on a discussion about the Euro and the European countries banknotes) .

Ireland pre-Euro Coin Set
Available at

List of countries I have in stock for this series of pre-Euro coins (for some countries you will need to scroll down to find the coin set):

As always please feel free to email me any questions. I may not know the answer (OK, probably won’t) but I will do my best to answer.