Last night I was playing cards and the radio was on in the background. I heard the announcer mention the new £10 note and immediately made everyone be quiet. I found it interesting to hear him say that neither he, nor his co-host had even seen the new tenner even though it had been released a week ago. Several listeners called into the phone to share the same tale, despite being in circulation for a week they had yet to see one.  Nearly every person I spoke to here had no idea there was even going to be a new note put into circulation. And now, apparently most of them are yet to even have one.


I was out this weekend with a friend who at the ATM was astonished to see the new polymer note slide out with his money. I saw the crisp tenner in his hand and grabbed it immediately looking at the condition and serial number. He responded with my haste saying “yeah this is the first time I’ve seen one too”. After examining the UNC condition of this note I handed it back to him and said, “Here you go, I have plenty”.

As all good Britt’s do, that tenner was shortly traded in for a few pints and bags of crisps. I snapped this photo before letting this beautiful note leave my hands and enter into the worlds circulation (after a mighty fine first purchase).


I talked to my father about the release here and he was telling me about all the excitement around people camping outside the banks to be the first to get their hands on the new note and pick out some fun serial numbers. When my aunt went in on release day she was told the delivery of notes hadn’t arrived yet. Then I went to the bank the following day they were still giving out the old £10. My grandma was told at her bank that the notes wouldn’t be in until the following week! With collectors knocking down the banks doors, and smaller banks not having any stock yet I am not surprised the average person has yet to encounter a new £10 note of their own.

When we did get our notes the serial numbers were already on B and C – I know most people aren’t bothered by a serial number, but I found it interesting that despite the people camping outside the banks, no AA were given out. This apparently cause quite the upset, so it will be interesting to follow the story of these beautiful new English ten pound notes.

Several articles have been written detailing the excitement surrounding the new note and of course promoting the low serial numbers, which has every Britt searing through their wallets to see if the have a “golden ticket”. However as most stories pointed out, having a low number is very unlikely and of course the Queen was given the first new note. My favorite quote from an article by the mirror that was questioning why the Queen was given the most valuable of the notes:

“We’re not entirely sure why – if there’s anything she’s already got plenty of, it’s money and pictures of herself.”


The Bank of England website outlines all the features and details of the new note, as well as giving a small tease as to what the £20 note, due to be released by 2020, and featuring J.M.W. Turner’s self-portrait.

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The £20 note will also include:

  • One of Turner’s paintings The Fighting Temeraire; a tribute to the ship HMS Temeraire which played a distinguished role in Nelson’s victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.
  • The quote – “Light is therefore colour”
  • Turner’s signature from his Will.

Exciting stuff!

English 10 Pound Note (2017)
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