So what is a short snorter belt? Some sort of wearable currency? No, but it is a whole class of banknote collectibles that was entirely new to us.

Short Snorter Belt with notes from Italy, Brazil and British Guiana – See our collection of banknote belts at

Short snorter belts or banknote belts have their origins in the Second World War. American servicemen collected banknotes from each of the countries in which they served. These notes were taped together to form large “belts” and brought home as souvenirs. Some of these belts contain “short snorter” notes, which are notes with signatures of fellow soldiers with whom they served.

Banknote belts have now become a growing sub-market within the world of banknote collecting. We find them to be a fascinating piece of history.

British Guiana Short Snorter with signatures of fellow soldiers – this note (part of a snorter belt) is available at