I woke up this morning with a text from a friend that simply stated “You were right, Iceland is amazing”. I started reminiscing about my time in this beautiful country, and scrolled through several pictures from my trip last year. As I looked through pictures I saw a photo I’d taken inside a souvenir shop of some postcards. I had originally meant to send this to my father, but with all of the travelling I never got around to it. I decided to do one better – and write him a blog!


For obvious reasons I took this photo with my dad in mind and it reminded me of the beautiful banknotes of Iceland. So I’ll take this opportunity to showcase some of those notes as well as share with you some beautiful photos from my trip.

Icelandic 10 Kronur p48 – Available at robertsworldmoney.com

I love the vintage look of their banknotes, the focus on old Icelandic scenes on the back of the note. In-fact most of the Icelandic notes honor their history and depict the countries traditions. I find it interesting that the designs are focused on their heritage and local people. I see so many other banknotes that feature natural scenes and landmarks and thought that Iceland would have their many gorgeous views portrayed on their currency. So I actually admire and enjoy that the banknotes are more traditional.

Icelandic 10 Kronur p33a – Available at robertsworldmoney.com


You see on this 10 Kroner from 1928 that there was a small picture of a waterfall (I think this may be the Gullfoss waterfall – see the photo I took while visiting the Gullfoss below)


Probably one of the most popular Icelandic notes we sell is this 500 Kroner below featuring Jon Sigurosson.

Iceland 500 Kronur p58c – available at robertsworldmoney.com

Jon Sigurosson was the leader of the 19th century Icelandic Independence Movement from the Kingdom of Denmark. The backside of the note shows Jon at his writing desk. It’s a beautiful note honoring such an important man for Iceland and their history.


I absolutely adored my time in Iceland, the people are as kind and beautiful as the views and landscapes. I actually include Iceland in my top three favorite countries, so below are a few pictures from my time there.




As always thank you for taking the time to read these blogs – if you have any questions or comments we always love to hear from you!