A Cursed Land

The Myth Grows

Long before colonization of Blissdaine Naive’s western lands, explorers traveling through those uncharted waters would come home with stories of a strange land, which lay north of what would later be the colony of Mujand. The mysterious land was said to be cloaked in darkness and contained vast cave systems filled with ervescent gold. But the island was said to also be populated with creatures of unknown origins. Many ships sailed to find this cursed land of gold, completely ignoring the stories of the creatures. Most were never heard of again. Of the crews that made it back, few of the men would speak of their experience. Those who did, told stories of unholy creatures. These men were ridiculed. Most of them never sailed again. Some went insane and worse, most did not live very long after returning home.

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Another story from the seas tells of a sailor floating on a makeshift raft on the Tenebris Ocean, found by a Great Blytherdon exploration ship. The sailor was blind, incoherent and dehydrated. While being examined by the ship’s captain and medical officer, the sailor opened his eyes and with terrifying fear on his face he screamed hysterically, “Vuelan, vuelan…” The Captain recognized the Sima Senco language. The Sailor looked at the Captain and uttered his final words, “Mi sangre, no tome mi sangre…” The tortured sailor died.

Captain Gid Tarrow

In 1018 Captain Gid Tarrow and a crew of 33 men sailed on the good ship Kuragguza to find the legendary gold on the island known as, a Cursed Land. The ship and crew were never seen again.

In 1029 the Andaqesh ship, Anya Qesh and its crew found the Kuragguza floating off the coast of the island known as the Cursed Land. The ship was empty. There were no signs of the crew. The Anya Qesh landed on the island and searched for survivors. Soon, the ominous darkness and the strange atmosphere had everyone spooked. Alarmed by the island’s lifeless air, the captain ordered his crew back to the ship. On his trek back to the boats the Captain spotted something that appeared to be a shelter. He called to his second in command and together they explored the shelter made from trees and brush.

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In the shelter were crudely made beds. There were no signs of bodies. On one of the beds the Captain found a book. Upon lifting it he could see that it was a journal stamped with the letters, GT. It was the journal of Captain Gid Tarrow.

It is this journal that lead to the truth of the Cursed Land and all its secrets.

The following are excerpts from that journal.


The Captain’s account follows as written by his hand:

Captain’s Log–From the Good Ship Kuragguza

Day 156, M.8.1018

Our journey continues sailing across the Tenebris Ocean from Andaqesh. The Officers and I agree to sail north in search of the fabled Dark Land, first recorded by Captain Copen Leenod.

* Of the six Officers and myself, only one stands opposed to the voyage to this mysterious island. Lieutenant Ferenz. His objection is noted here.

Day 159, M.8.1018

Our coarse sent us through a channel and continued for several days until the lookout sighted a strange land. Summoned to the deck I saw for myself this strangeness, which had the crew spooked. In the distance a land was visible. To its east and its west there was light while the land itself remained in shadow.

Seeing the men’s uneasiness I assured them it was merely a storm. They looked to the sky noticing not one cloud visible. Doubt filled the men. I gave the order to sail on.

Day 160, M.8.1018

Approaching the shore to this land, our light changed to darkness and the waves were agitated. I ordered to sail west to find a safer harbor.

We found calmer waters and anchored not far from shore. It is at this time the black spot covering the sun was apparent to all. Like the waves, the men became more agitated. Fearing mutiny I called all together and offered an extra percentage from all intrinsic items found. This calmed nerves for the time being.

We prepared for an assent on land and within an hour we were rowing to shore. We landed and immediately searched for a safe location to set up camp. The light was dull and upon gazing at the sun the dark was ominous.

It was clear that there was a full eclpise in progress. The men were at ease now. Our immediate tour of the area revealed little eddible vegitation. Some berries were found with some eaten off the vine. This told me that creatures were on the island. I placed the men on high alert for fear of dangerous animals attacking.

Day 161, M.8.1018

The island indeed is mysterious. It is a certainty this is the dark lank described by Captain Leenod. I questioned the possibility that his voyage and ours both coincided with an eclipse. The length of the eclipse was puzzling as well. I did not share these observations for the time being.

With a temporary base completed, we set off to explore the area. I found the land with little vegitation but for the berries. We did not find creatures. The continued darkness hindered our exploration but it was clear, not many creatures nor none at all, lived on this island.

After several hours of exploring we returned to camp and prepared for the night. The skies grew darker. Fearing our supplies might not last very long, three of my Officers and I decided that a half crew would sail back to other lands to gather vegitation and creatures to sustain us for a longer period of time. This land should be explored and mapped.

There are cave systems that contain some ervescent gold. This too will be explored.

Day 163, M.8.1018

The men are beginning to fear the perpetual darkness. Some have reported seeing large flying creatures in the dark skies. When questioned about these creatures the men who would speak, said they were flying men with large teeth. One crewman went on to say that the creature flying in the dark skies was the fabled parasitic blood-sucking creature, Dragoola.

The Officers remaining with me and I have decided we needed to monitor the rhumlo drinking.

Day 173, M.9.1018

Several days have passed and the Kuragguza has not returned. The island, which I have named, Eklisivia, remains in darkness. The crew is uneasy. I now see that the moon persists above directly over the Island. One must travel to this side of the world to view the moon. In my limited knowledge of this science I can say that this occurrence is unheard of or impossible. The moon follows the sun and returns to remain over the island through the day.

I have noticed a reduction in my vision strength. Other men report the same condition. I must refrain from peering directly at the eclipse.

We are growing short of supplies. We have started gathering the sweets off the vines.

Day 196, M.9.1018

The men have discovered that the local seas are replete with prawn. They have fashioned nets and have started to gather good supplies of these extraordinarily large sea creatures. This has sustained us. Several treks inland have turned up no creatures.

The flying creature sightings continue. I have not witnessed these creatures.

Day 221, M.10.1018

It is my opinion that tragedy has befallen the Kuragguza. She has not been seen for some 60 days. I have ordered a fire to burn continuously.

Two men have gone completely blind. They are despondent and are not eating well. I fear for their health and lives.

Day 298, M.1.1019

Several men no longer hold me in high esteem and several groups have broken off from the main camp. Fourteen have stayed with me remaining loyal to their contract. I have offered them the highest percentage payment upon returning to Andaqesh. Although they doubt they shall ever return home, their allegiance to my rank is noble and moral.

The prawns are a tiresome sustenance.

Day 365, M.2.1019

The perpetual darkness continues and my eyes have begun a falsehood. In the darkest of the night, while out on walk along the shore I saw a light in the night sky. It hovered overhead as if it were observing me. I am uncertain of what possessed me but I lifted my hand in a greeting manner. I blinked and the light was gone. I have told no one of this experience.

Day 421, M.4.1019

Several men have fallen to blindness, insanity and despondency. But the Kuragguza has returned. She sits anchored just off the shore but no one has come for us.

The men who have stayed with me find items to build a floating plank, our smaller boats long since used for other necessities. Two men struggle to the ship.

They each return with boats to retrieve us. They report that there is no one on board the Kuragguza. It is a ghost ship.

Day (No Entry)

We did not make it off the island. I write these final words from a makeshift shelter we built to protect us from the flying Dragoolas. They are real.

At first, I thought myself in a dream. A gathering of beautiful, nude women appeared as we were preparing to leave the island. A serene music came from these beautiful women and the men were lured into an hypnotic state. I myself felt its power. The sensation was difficult to resist.

Without warning, these lovely women turned into vicious fanged creatures with terrifying wings. The men were caught off guard and several were eaten by these creatures.

Those still alive ran with me as fast as we could to our shelter which will not protect us long. They will find us and


This was Captain Tarrow’s final entry. A horrifying unfinished description of their demise. Within this final page was a rushed sketch of what they possibly were seeing.

The Captain of the Anya Qesh reported no creatures were seen but did report of the ominous heaviness on the island. He and his men would leave immediately after locating Captain Tarrow’s journal.

Story Response

Gord Lester, a Chasm X truther, does not find the creature story credible. He instead believes that Captain Tarrow and his men found a large cashe of ervescent gold and sailed off to unknown lands, living the remainder of thier days like kings.

“The account of the creatures was created as a diversion. A diversion I must say, that worked beautifully,” said Mr. Lester.

To this day, evidence of the creatures described by Captain Tarrow has never been found. It remains a mystery. It is unclear what Captain Tarrow and his men saw or if they ever really saw anything. Many scholars have hypothesized the loss of their sanity towards the end of thier ordeal.

The Ervescent Gold

Although some gold was found on the island, the underground cave systems have never yielded the amount of gold described in several accounts.


Today Eklisivia is a busy scientific community with corporations and governments from around the world setting up shop on the island. Evidence of these dangerous creatures has never been found on the island known as, The Kingdom of Darkness.

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