UPDATE to Bosnia and Herzegovina Marka:

As many of you know my father and I had a successful time at the FUN show which is evident by the bombardment of new notes to our website. Pops and I have been working hard trying to list them as soon as we can, still there are so many great notes left to come!

There were lots of notes on our mind that we were determined to find. For daddy he couldn’t wait to pick up some Seychelles notes and after we succeeded in that mission he turned his attention to the old Irish notes. I knew we had to find Bosnia and Herzegovina Marka, but had no idea how difficult of a task that would turn into.

I now understand why we had a hard time finding the Convertible Marka, because when we finally did there were so many variations! I re-read my blog thinking that it seems fitting. There seemed to be lots of different opinions and making a decision is probably difficult (especially with three presidents). Perhaps that is why they issue notes that depict different people, and scenes within the same year and denomination. We had a fun time cataloging them!

However, since I have been so adamant on having notes on the website to showcase the amazement of the countries I visited; we now have some of the Marka available. It was not an easy task to find them, but we hope you find the currency and blog as interesting as I do. My father always says, the way a country designs their banknotes is interesting as the representation of that country. It defiantly sparks an interest in me.

To demonstrate the variations here are pictures of the 20 Convertible Marka we picked up:


Both have the same value

Both have the same signature

Both have the same design and layout

Both have the same watermark

Both notes were issued in 2012


They feature different people and pictures on the back. So interesting!

And in case you didn’t get to read my original blog on my amazing time in Bosnia and Herzegovina then you can read it here: