We’ve all been there, lost in the big department stores of Christmas lights shimmering and carols singing over the loud speaker. We find ourselves trapped in a world of toys, electronics, and knickknacks. Overwhelmed with cinnamon scented candles, robotic dogs and dazzling jewelry, trying to find that perfect gift.

I recently received an email from a customer who mentioned that buying banknotes (especially for children) would be an exciting unique gift this holiday season, and you know what? We agree!

A banknote can spark such curiosity and excitement for anyone, but imagine a child. Yes at Christmas children mostly get excited by the newest toys and gadgets (and overindulging in sweets) and I’m aware that the new Denmark note may not get the most exciting of responses, but what about the new Jurassic Bank notes or classic Arctic Territories notes? Think about the look on the child face, probably confusion and maybe even intrigue.


When anyone holds a banknote, you’re not just looking at what is on the beautiful colorful paper (or plastic) in your hands. You think of the history, and the stories, and the art… at least we do. If you can open a world of wonder for any child as they discover new places, learn new stories and just maybe spark a hobby for the rest of their lives.


The fun notes are great starter notes for children, especially the animal ones, but we also have a link on our site of under $1 notes which you can’t argue with! Even as a stocking stuffer, or in a Christmas card, perhaps a banknote can ignite a new passion inside that person.

The gift of learning and excitement, now that’s what I call a Christmas gift!

-Happy Holidays from all of us at Roberts World Money!