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Story Submitted to the BlissNet by: C. K. Retly

Who are the Goldfi Nites and why is their appearance so different from every other species on Blissdane Naive? Why are they a protected group and how is it that every Goldfi Nite, each family and each person has all-hour protection provided by the Mujand Government, as well as from the Spodina, New Blytherdon and Andaqesh Governments?  And this list is growing. Does no one else find this odd?

There are many questions that are not being asked about the Goldfi Nites and I for one find it curious and flummoxing that the Mujand Republic Monetary Reserve along with the Bank of Zilchy are still issuing currency bearing names and portraits of the so-called Early American Writers. And now they release a Poe LTD banknote commissioned by the Goldfi Nites.

Mujand Note featuring Edgar Alan Poe
Mujand Republic note featuring early American writer Edgar Alan Poe 
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I think it’s time we learn the reasons behind these banknotes and the reasons why this small but growing collection of Governments is protecting this group. The Goldfi Nites are not a privileged people and should not be granted special rights. I for one will not sleep until this mystery is solved. And I am close to learning the truth. Stay tuned readers…


On Blissdane Naïve’s rich surface the Mujand Republic is the planet’s economic and political power. It is the undeclared empire of the planet and is the frequent target of vicious verbal slings and arrows but is always there to save other countries from economic or political brinks of calamity. The Mujand Republic is the meeting place for the Orb Koop Galaxy gatherings where political and economic issues are discussed. An underbelly of dissent has started to emerge from this fact and smaller countries and planet systems grumble quietly. For the moment.

Mujand 100 Zilchy Note featuring Harriet Beecher Stowe
Mujand Republic Note featuring early American writer Harriet Beecher Stowe
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The Mujand Republic is a coastal land and home to a behemoth industrial complex, with bustling sky ports and water ports. It is a technological boon for the planet and the galaxy as a whole. Its currency, the Zilchy, is the strongest most stable of the planet’s currencies and is constantly under financial attacks.

From its humble beginning as an Andaqesh Colony to Blissdane Naive’s most powerful country, the Mujand Republic has much intrigue and much portent in its future.

Mujand Republic - Early American Writers Set
Mujand Republic – Early American Writer Set
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