West Junee Fun Note Series
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The following is the fictional backstory of West Junee written by the creator of this beautiful fantasy note series …


The country of West Junee lost its sovereignty to its neighbor Qeshland in 346 MT one year after the death of Queen Lorreen Cruzk. Although the queen’s cause of death is officially recorded as Unknown, there is a small contingency of historians who believe the Qesh Monarchy had a hand in her death. Two years prior to her demise, an unknown operative planted within the West Junee government assassinated the king, Kuritoo Cruzk. The assassin’s identity was never discovered but rumors abound as to who this person was but there is only speculation. But the most important question remains; did Qeshland have a hand in the murder of the King? Many people believe the answer is a definite yes. Soon the queen too would be dead and West Junee would fall under Qeshland rule without a war.

The 1 Spatny Note depicting Queen Lorreen Cruzk
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As Qeshland and the Qesh royal family flexed its muscle, all of its neighbors found themselves a part of the Qesh Royal Monarchy and remained so for several generations. Centuries later, with the demise of the Qesh family unfolding (see the Andaqesh saga) and the conflict between Qeshland and Mindeny ending, the Territory of West Junee found itself a free nation once again. Although no longer under the dominion of Qeshland, the West Junee Government chose to retain Territory in their name. Their political ties with Qeshland United (formerly Mindeny) and Andaqesh, however, were over.

Ombalt Werington was elected the first president of The Territory of West Junee and he immediately placed his country on a path to prosperity by keeping the relationships with Andaqesh, Kunninganna and Qeshland United strong. Ombalt’s close relationship with Anya Qesh nurtured a lasting peace and she saw to it that West Junee, as well as the other countries previously under Qesh rule, were given funds to build needed infrastructure.


Much has been said about Dularianos’ choice of the unfamiliar Dragonfly for the banknote but some believe there was a much more secretive reason than the one officially submitted by the artist.

Banknote featuring the dragonfly and Cruzk University
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In early 298 MT, the young Lady Lorreen Tolphinz was said to have made a cosmic journey to a neighboring system, where she visited the planet Earth, which was behind Blissdane Naïve’s technological prowess by hundreds of years. It was there that she saw the dragonfly, an insect that was worshiped by a group of people she would call, The Apachifs People.

This story of her space travel was passed down by word of mouth and no document has ever turned up to corroborate this rumored journey. However, years after her supposed return, the image of the insect would start to make appearances on many official monarchy documents and placed upon several Government institutions in the form of a cross that resembled the insect. The Lorreen Cross, as it is known today, can be found throughout the Territory of West Junee.

Many believe the story of her travel to the planet Earth was a hoax but it has been difficult to investigate due to the recently adopted directive, 883-178 ECE, the Earth Communiqué Embargo issued by the Supreme Macore Unity. Until this directive is lifted, the history of the event cannot be fully investigated.

Conspiracy theorists point to this directive as proof of the Queen’s story. For most historians however, the tales of her travels are just that, tales.


The Territory of West Junee has now honored Lorreen Cruzk and the Cruzk Royal family with a Commemorative banknote series designed by Troz Dularianos utilizing the insect known as the dragonfly on the obverse and Cruzk institutions on the reverse. They are available now.

The Commemorative Series featuring the dragonfly and Cruzk institutions.
Available for purchase at robertsworldmoney.com