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1 Dollar  UNC Banknote

Country: Cayman Islands
Denomination: 1 Dollar
Price: $6.00
Pick #: 38b
Year: 2011
Grade: UNC
Other Info: Caribbean Islands Currency
Coloration: Blue
Depictions: Queen Elizabeth II: Fish; Crest; Scenic view of mountain
Note Size: 6″ x 2 1/2″
Watermark: Turtle
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Cayman Islands:  At the FUN show I heard this comment so many times “What is happening with Cayman Island notes” It seems we are all finding these notes are getting hard to find now, and one effect of course is a big jump in prices. I brought all and every Cayman Island note I could find – and it wasn’t many. At several tables when I asked if they had “Cayman Island notes” the response was “everyone seems to want them – I have been out of stock for several months.” Anyway,I think they are beautiful notes, and this is one reason, I suppose the other is that there is more and more collectors out there looking for there great notes. If you don’t have any notes from here, I think this is a great note to start with.