The Tennessee note  is the sixteenth note to be released in the US state banknote series and the seventh note issued this year if you include the very limited edition Florida note. There are four more schedule to be released in 2015 and they are: Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, and Mississippi; the last 3 being my favorite spelling errors – at least I can spell Ohio.

Front side featuring Davy Crockett
Front side featuring Davy Crockett – Available for purchase at

As you can see the front of the note features Davy Crocket who I know a really bad joke about (for those of you opposed to bad jokes, this is a good time to close your eyes).

“Did you know Davy Crocket had three ears?” “His right ear, his left ear, and his wild frontier”

I didn’t say it was funny – anyway you can open your eyes again now.

The front of the note features Davy Crocket popularly known as the “King of the Wild Frontier” was both a soldier and a politician. He lived most of his life in East Tennessee, where he was renowned for his hunting and story-telling. He was elected to the Tennessee State legislature in 1821 (popular to common belief, I was not around then) and was elected to Congress in 1825. He vehemently opposed the anti-Native American policies of Andrew Jackson, most notably the Indian removal act. After losing a re-election in 1835 he departed (as not a happy camper I understand) to Texas (then the Mexican State of Tejas) where he was killed in the Battle of the Alamo.

Reverse of the Tennessee Banknote
Reverse side of the Tennessee Banknote featuring the Smoky Mountains –
Available for purchase at

The back of the note features the great Smokey Mountains. The mountain range rises along the Tennessee and North Carolina border. It is a subrange of the Appalachian mountains, and forms part of the Blue Ridge Physiographic Province (of course you all knew that, but thought I would just mention this).

Much of the Smokies (as it is commonly shortened to) is protected by the Great Smoky Mountains National Parks. It is reported that over 9 million people visit each year (not sure who sits there and counts them – I would be stuck after 10). The Smokies are home to an estimated 187,000 acres of forest – which is a bunch of trees and a vast habitat for the black bear. The Smokie’s fame has gone international as it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Finally, the name “Smoky” comes from the natural fog that often hangs over the range and looks like a large plume of smoke from a distance. I am told this fog is caused by vegetation exhaling volatile organic compounds chemicals that have a high vapor pressure and easily form vapors at normal temperature and pressure (which is what I thinking caused it).

In addition to this note, I also have the artwork from Tom Stebbins for this note. So please feel free to check this out, or email me with questions about this. As you know there is only one original and we have five prints made. All are hand-signed by the artist and no more will ever be printed.

Davy Crockett Original Drawing
Available for purchase from
Original Drawing of the Smoky Mountains
Available for purchase at

Anyway, another great note with interesting depictions that I believe capture a part of the essence of the State, and I hope this is one to add to your collection. Please email me with any questions, but I am expecting the notes to be in my office by Wednesday September 8th, or Thursday September 9th. However, as you know from the past – the post office don’t always cooperate. I will send a quick message/update as soon as they are in my possession and are ready to ship.