The times they are a changing or are they?

For those who are as old as I am, we remember well the Berlin Wall coming down and the dissolution of the former Soviet Union in the early nineties. With those sweeping changes, came a host of new countries and with those new states, new currencies to the delight to us numismatics. The situation, as you all know, continues to be fluid and it will be interesting to see how the conflict in Ukraine plays out in the coming months and years and how that will affect the independence of these new countries that were part of the old Soviet Bloc. They are independent today and of course issue their own currency.

For those of you banknote enthusiasts who are following the events involving countries of the former Soviet Union, we offer the following collection of Banknotes of Countries from the Former Soviet Bloc.

Banknotes from the countries of the old Soviet Bloc

Country Sample Link
Armenia   Armenia Dram Banknotes
Azerbaijan    Azerbaijan Manat Banknotes
Belarus   Belarus Roubles Banknotes
Estonia   Estonia Krooni Banknotes.php
Georgia    Georgia Lirasi Banknotes
Kazakhstan    Kazakhstan Tengetiyn Banknotes
Krygyzstan    Kyrgyzstan Tyin and Som Banknotes
Latvia    Latvia Lats Banknotes
Lithuania    Lithuania Litu and Talons Banknotes
Moldova  Moldova Lei Banknotes
Russia  Russia Roubles Banknotes
Tajikistan  Tajikistan Dirham Banknotes
Turkmenistan  Turkmenistan Manat Banknotes
Ukraine  Ukraine Hryvinia and Karbovontsiv Banknotes
Uzbekistan  Uzbekistan Sum Banknotes

I hope you enjoy perusing this collection of new notes (if we can say notes issued in 1991 are still new – but you know what I mean) that the dissolution of the USSR gave us. One’s mind can’t help wander (and wonder) what will the picture show if this happened in Europe – as Bob says “the times they are a changing.”

However, it always make me think that change is inevitable (except from a vending machine).