Vermont $50 State Banknote
Vermont State Banknote featuring Calvin Coolidge and the iconic covered bridges
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Rhode Island $50 State Banknote
Rhode Island state banknote featuring Oliver Hazard Perry
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North Carolina $50 State Banknote
North Carolina state banknote featuring Dolly Madison and the Wright flyer
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Set of the 10 US State Banknotes released in 2014 Available at
Set of the 10 US State Banknotes released in 2014
Available at

Newly arrived three more State notes from North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Vermont

The long awaited North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Vermont State notes have now been issued and are as the others in the series, amazing notes with great depictions that are not only interesting, but again controversial.

I don’t want to get into the controversy as firstly they are FUN notes and as such should be treated hence, but secondly I am not expert enough to argue the rights and wrongs of what is depicted on the notes. I have already had interesting comments (disagreements) on these depictions for the notes.

Anyway, I did want to just update everyone with the status of the new notes for 2015 and remind everyone of the notes already issued in 2014

# State When Joined Front Back
11 New York July 26, 1788 Walt Whitman Niagara Falls New York $50 Fun Note
12 North Carolina Nov. 21, 1789 Dolly Madison Stately House  North Carolina $50 State Banknote
13 Rhode Island May 29, 1790 Oliver Hazard Perry Castle Hill Lighthouse  Rhode Island $50 State Banknote
14 Vermont Mar. 4, 1791 Calvin Coolidge Cornish Windsor Covered Bridge  Vermont $50 State Banknote
15 Kentucky
(banknote is due out mid-June)
June 1, 1792 Daniel Boone Horse (Kentucky Derby)  Kentucky Banknote - (proof)

Also, remember we do have a special limited edition issue for Florida that came out in January for the FUN show. See also blog about “save the manatee” which receives a donation for each note sold.

27s Florida March 3, 1845 2016 Ponce DeLeon Manatee  Florida $50 Special Edition Fun Note

We also have the complete set of notes issued in 2014.

Pick # State Date State Joined the Union Date Issued or Expected Front Back Image
1 Delaware December 7, 1787 2014 Caesar Rodney Delaware Memorial Bridge Delaware $50 Dollar Fun Note - available at
2 Pennsylvania December 12, 1787 2014 Louisa Mae Alcott The Pennsylvania Dutch  Pennsylvania $50 fun note
3 New Jersey December 18, 1787 2014 William Livingston Steel Pier – Atlantic City  New Jersey 50 dollars fun note
4 Georgia January 2, 1788 2014 Jimmy Carter Fort James Jackson  Georgia $50 Dollar Banknote
5 Connecticut January 9, 1788 2014 P.T. Barnum Scoville Memorial Library Connecticut $50 Banknote
6 Massachusetts February 6, 1788 2014 John F. Kennedy U.S.S. Constitution  Massachusetts $50 Fun note
7 Maryland April 28, 1788 2014 Frederick Douglass Fort McHenry  Maryland State $50 fun note
8 South Carolina May 23, 1788 2014 John Rutledge Myrtle Beach  South Carolina $50 Fun Note
9 New Hampshire June 21, 1788 2014 Daniel Webster First Primary Election  New Hampshire $50 fun note
10 Virginia June 25, 1788 2014 Booker T. Washington Surrender of Cornwallis  Virginia $50 Fun Note

I hope this helps and I am looking forward to seeing who will be on the Tennessee note, I am sure the historians out there will have many different opinions and I am certain that whoever he picks will be controversial. The only thing that I know there can be no argument about is the beauty of these notes and the amazing artistic talent of Tom Stebbins.

Please note: Most of the Artwork for these notes is now available for sale on my website. I have the original art-work and also limited edition prints. All signed (original signature) by the artist himself. One day these will be a valuable item, I am convinced of this. (Of course, this maybe the start of another controversy)

As always feel free to email me at with any questions about these notes or the artwork for them.

Coming soon: A video showing the issues to date and some film of Tom drawing some of the artwork (he is camera shy, so still working on this part – but here are a couple of pictures)