Trinidad and Tobago $50 Polymer Banknote
IBNS 2014 Banknote of the Year
Trinidad and Tobago $50 Polymer Note
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IBNS members are asked every year to submit suggestions as to who they think is the most “impressive” note that was issued in that year.

Of course this is always open to interpretation and does sometimes cause some controversy in a collecting market where controversy is not the norm. I know the 3 years previously some collectors have been upset that Kazakhstan won the award each year for their new issues. Albeit, they were stunningly intricate notes.

However, I think this year everyone agreed that this amazing note deserved to win the award and I am sure anyone would be proud to add this amazing note to their collection. I will try, as time allows, to get a complete listing of past winners with scans on a blog and for fun (pun intended) I will work on doing a poll for anyone interested in voting of the favorite FUN/PRIVATE issue note.

I hope that the IBNS won’t mind me “borrowing” this information but I think this gives a better synopsis of the banknote of the year award (and past winners) than I could do here.

From IBNS website:

Now in its 54th year, the IBNS has over 2000 members worldwide. From all significantly newly designed and widely circulated banknotes released in 2014, the IBNS membership nominated notes from 12 different countries to place on the ballot. Nominees represented three continents (Europe, Asia & Africa), the Middle East, and 4 island nations (2 in the Americas). Past “Bank Note of the Year” winners include Kazakhstan (2013, 2012, 2011), Uganda (2010), Bermuda (2009), Samoa (2008), Scotland (2007), Comoros (2006), Faeroe Islands (2005) and Canada (2004)

PS: I see that the nominations are starting to come in for the 2015 banknote of the year and the first one is the amazing new Scottish 5 Pound Note (Polymer) A beautiful note and probably a strong contender already.

Scotland 5 Pounds
Nominee for 2015 Banknote of the Year
Scotland 5 Pound Banknote
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