We are pleased to announce that Tom Stebbins, the banknote artist who produces the beautiful US State Banknotes, is allowing us to sell his artwork for the notes.

We will have the original signed artwork (on the original paper from his sketch pad) on the website. These, of course, being originals we have only now to sell. However, we also have a limited edition of 5 signed numbered prints available for sale.

As you know there has been a lot of buzz about these banknotes and it is exciting to not only have this amazing artwork but we will also have some other exciting news and addition to the State notes to follow later. (Hopefully, our guest blogger on these notes – J. Barry Wright – will illuminate more on this shortly.)

John F Kennedy line drawing by Tom Stebbins
John F Kennedy line drawing from the Massachusetts state banknote. Available at robertsworldmoney.com

10917880_10153243849532985_964618470155211669_nThe artwork, as you will see from the scans, demonstrates the amazing talent it takes to draw free hand the people and depictions on these State notes, and I find it fascinating to see the detail that goes into the work. If you look closely at the faces it is almost looks like it is drawn with dots and lines (I am not sure exactly the technique – I am hoping that Tom will write a blog for us as some stage to explain the work involved).

This set of artwork would make a make a unique, not to mention rare and sought after, addition to your collection. I can not mention names, but the work by the banknote artist Tom Stebbins trained under (and was mentored by) artwork is very much in demand.

As you will see from the scans, the originals and the prints made from the originals have markings on the edge of the piece. This problem can be solved with the proper selection of a frame and matting.

If you have questions about this please contact us at robert@robertsworldmoney.com.

Atlantic City State Pier by Tom Stebbins
State Pier in Atlantic City, NJ featured on the New Jersey state banknote. Available at robertsworldmoney.com
Biltmore House Line Drawing by Tom Stebbins
Biltmore House featured on the North Carolina state banknote. Available at robertsworldmoney.com