Tom Stebbins, artist and creator of US State Dollars
Tom Stebbins, artist and creator of US State Dollars

Whilst most people think the FUN show means it is a show full of FUN items (which is the case many times) it actually is an acronym for Florida United Numismatics organization that put the show on every year in Florida (mainly in Orlando, but it will be in Tampa in 2016). The acronym is perfect as the show is definitely a lot of fun………

This year there were again many hundreds of dealer, albeit mainly coins, but also many banknote dealers who had some amazing notes (sadly, many above my budget – actually a lot above my meager budget). I did, however, manage to snag a few notes and I will be putting them on my website as quickly as I possibly can. One gorgeous note, possibly the banknote of the year for 2014, was the amazing Trinidad new $50 polymer note (which was loaded onto the website immediately as it is such an amazing note)

One interesting feature this year’s FUN show was the addition of many beautiful FUN/ART notes in Polymer. These notes in the past have been expensive to create and for the banknote artist creating these beautiful and amazing notes the only option has been paper. However, due to a new process I saw many beautiful art notes in polymer. Just to give you a brief outline of some of the Polymer notes I saw there were:

Most of these notes are created in limited editions of between five and ten thousand. Of course I would be remiss not to mention the special edition (not as part of the State note issues) Florida state note with the FUN prefix, which is limited to just 999 (most of which sold out at the show)

Anyway, a most notable show this year, and a 60 anniversary year as well and as always well attended by dealers albeit mostly coin dealers, but one of the biggest shows in the US for banknotes. I look forward to 2016 show in Tampa (if only to escape the freezing cold temperatures of Massachusetts).

Euro 1 Million Polymer Fun Note by Rick Reed
Euro 1 Million Polymer Fun Note by Rick Reed – available at