New York $50 Fun Banknote - available at
New York $50 Fun Banknote – available at

Since listing the first 10 State banknotes on my website in December 2014, I have received so many inquires about when the remaining State notes will be released, that I thought I would put all the information in one blog post.

Firstly, all 50 notes will be issued over the next 5 years. New York (State 11), the first issue of 2015, was just released and is available on my website. North Carolina (State 12) is scheduled to be released sometime in February. Eight more state banknotes will be released throughout 2015, with an approximate and hopeful schedule of one every four to five weeks.

Just as an aside though on the release dates – I have to mention that a special Florida issue especially for the big Florida FUN show in January was also released. This is a limited edition of just 999 and being at the show on the next table, I can promise that there are not many left. I do have  limited stock that I managed to get, so one to get for the collection as a special “extra” notes. Tom Stebbins the designer/creator of these notes explained that the regular series of this note (being issued in 2016) will have some design changes to differentiate it from this special FUN issue which also has a special serial prefix.

I hope this helps a little and it is going to be so much FUN (pun intended) to collect these notes over the next four more years and I will certainly publish a blog article when each note is issued. Stay tuned because Roberts World Money will be the first to get these new issues.

If you do have questions about this series of course feel free to contact us at We spent a lot of time at the FUN show with this series’ amazing banknote artist Tom Stebbins and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Future blogs to come on these notes:

  • I will be selling the “original” line drawings from each note; signed by the artist. Limited edition signed prints of each line drawing will also be available. These drawings are amazing works of art. (NB: The banknote artist he trained under has his work selling for many thousands of dollars; maybe a later blog.)
  • I explain about the process to create these FUN notes and some of the printing details (can go into too much detail for obvious reasons) and security features.
  • I will talk about some of Tom Stebbins other banknote creations and the thought process behind them.

Finally, I did want to add that there is a subscription available for these notes, I will have more details on this later, but if you wish to take out a subscription for these notes ACC (Applied Currency Concepts) will send you each state note as it is issued.

Florida $50 fun banknote – available at