It is always nice when you come across a really interesting blog site and especially one that you can wholeheartedly recommend. One such site is JM Banknotes.

I encourage you to check out his site which includes some nice scans of banknotes and some interesting articles about some of the notes. I particularly like the History on Banknotes.

As more blogs/images/articles are added to his site I will try to update this blog also (as you all know my computer skills seemed to stop at the abacas) but I know a man who can.

I am so glad to have come across this site and hope you enjoy checking out the articles. I also see that Johnny (Jay) offers on his site a currency identification service (I actually need to send a scan in of a note I don’t know where it is from or any details)  at my age identifying my car in the parking lot is a major challenge (sure some of you can relate)

As you know I like to end with a picture of a banknote (and why not all banknotes are so amazing and interesting) so why not end with a beautiful Belarus 50 Ruble – that is also featured on JM Banknote blog site.

Belarus p50 Roubles p25