Building your Banknote Collection with Banknotes under $2.00

Many times when we venture into a new hobby or a collection of any kind we often wonder about the cost and what sort of investment we might be undertaking. One of the many reasons I love collecting banknotes is because you can start a collection without spending a fortune. “Cheap notes” don’t necessarily mean poor quality, ugly, or overall an undesirable note; that’s what this particular blog is going to focus on. All the notes I’m going to be showing are priced $2.00 and under (all found on my website for that price).

So, now I want to showcase certain countries that have, in my opinion, some gorgeous notes for a reasonable price tag.


There are several notes from Belarus that are inexpensive and feature all sorts of animals: Bears, squirrels, wolves, and many more. I think these notes are bright, colorful, fun and a great start for any collection. Plus the cost of the 5-100 Roubles notes are between .50¢ and a $1.00!

Belarus 10 Roubles p5
Belarus 10 Roubles p5 – $1.00



If you love abstract and colorful banknotes then you’ll love these notes from Bhutan! Blues, browns, greens, purples… these notes are not only vibrant and multicolored but can be added to your collection for .50¢, $1.00 or $2.00

Bhutan 1 Ngultrum p27
Bhutan 1 Ngultrum p27 – $0.50
Bhutan 1 Nugultram p12
Bhutan 1 Nugultram p12 – $1.50
Bhutan 2 Ngultrum p13
Bhutan 2 Ngultrum p13 – $1.00












Chinese notes are some of the most complex and historical banknotes out there, and also can be rather inexpensive to collect. What I love about these particular notes is the beauty of the portraits and showcasing the side view of the natives, and for .50¢ to a $1.00 you can’t go wrong adding them to your collection!

China 5 Jaio p883
China 5 Jaio p883











What a wide range of currency you can find in Indonesia, from gorillas, to ships, to native dancers, to guys holding big knives! The colors, depictions, and price range from .75¢ to $2.00 makes them perfect for anyone’s collection!

Indonesia 1000 Rupiah p141a
Indonesia 1000 Rupiah p141a – $1.00











If you like bird’s, elephant’s,  zebra’s, and inexpensive notes- then these are some to keep an eye out for! You can also get these great notes in polymer as well as paper for between .50¢ and $2.00.

Zambia 50 Kwacha p28
Zambia 50 Kwacha p28 – $1.00










Favorites Under $2.00

With all the amazing notes out there it is easy to get overwhelmed, therefore I hope highlighting some of these “cheaper” notes help show you how collecting any note big or small, $2.00 or $200.00 can be an exciting and an educational hobby. Below I’m going to put some more of my favorite “under $2.00” notes for you to look at. If you are interested in any notes, just click the picture and it’ll take you right to my website. Thank you as always for reading, and happy collecting!

Mexico 10 Pesos p63f $2.00
Mexico 10 Pesos p63f $2.00
Nepal 10 Rupee pNew2013 $0.75
Nepal 10 Rupee pNew2013 $0.75
Sri Lanka 10 Rupee p115e $1.00
Sri Lanka 10 Rupee p115e $1.00
India 10 Rupee pNew2012 $1.50
India 10 Rupee pNew2012 – $1.50
Kazakhstan 1 Tenge p7 $1.50
Kazakhstan 1 Tenge p7 – $1.50