Hope everyone is doing well, and I appreciate very much your continued interest in my banknote lists/newsletter and of course if you are reading this as a blog, your interest in reading this. I hope that you will decide to sign up for these regular lists and/or feel there is something of interest to buy.

I do want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a wonderful and prosperous New Year. I appreciate everyone of you. While it is hard for me to personally send season’s greeting to each one of you individually (plus it adds another email from me to your inbox), please take this letter/blog/newsletter update as my heartfelt thank you and best wishes for the season however and wherever you are celebrating this wonderful Christmas time.

Well, back to the list and this list includes banknotes from the following countries. PLEASE note as many of these notes are rarer older notes therefore quantities are limited. I want to apologize in advance if the particular note you want is out of stock. I may be able to get more of some of these notes. I will advise if I am sold out as to the possibility of more of the banknotes.

PS: Please note and watch grades on this list as you can appreciate with some of the older notes they are NOT UNC – please be careful to check grade before you buy. As you know, I never want to catch anyone by over-grading. Feel free to ask questions if you are unsure. As I go through the list here I do try to point out any anomalies or grading issues….

  • Angola – a nice selection of amazing notes. These are always interesting notes and in particular the 500,000 Kwanza has amazing coloration. NB: It is interesting how they have escudos and kwanza denomination.
  • Bulgaria – two great looking leva notes from the mid 90’s. D. Christov and V. Levski.
  • Canada – Nice note featuring Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Czechoslovakia – some great looking Korun notes, with really great depictions – NB: One of these notes is in lower “F” grade. Don’t forget to check out the mustache on Jan Zizka.
  • Malaya – interesting 100 dollar note. I think (please check scan and confirm for yourself) that this is actually the pM8x – error note. There are several regular variations of this note that includes a sloping M on the MT text. There are also watermark variations, but this is none of them and with my old tired eyes this note does look to have a purple face.
  • Montenegro – Interesting notes from a country that is hard to find notes from – these notes are, as you can see, not UNC, but are in a fairly nice VF (+ or -) I do like to add that the denomination is Perper and not pepper as I have seen before.
  • Nepal – These are the newer 2013 issue, and of course feature the Himalayan mountains and not King Gyanendra as they used to. He has not been featured for a while now and these new notes are very similar to the post-King notes. These notes also feature animals on the back. Including: Yaks, Antelope, Stag, Himalayan Tahr, and a Rhino (I am sure I have mentioned this before – but you know how to stop a Rhino charging? Yes, take away his credit card – didn’t say it was funny.)
  • Oman – technically Muscat and Oman, but this still comes under the Oman section. This is a nice older and fairly hard to find second issue rial note from Oman and does feature Fort Jalali. I believe at this time I also have the rare p1 in my store also.
  • Palestine (Israel) – It is hard to find notes now from Palestine and the 1 pound p15 Anglo Palestine bank issue is a great find – it grades at G+/F. I have not seen any of these notes around for a long time but is a country I get asked for a lot. As you know very few notes were ever issued. I also listed something new for me – they are designated as Palestine, but are not banknotes but lottery tickets (one blue and one yellow). Don’t know much about them, but thought they had nice coloration and definitely something different.
  • Papua New Guinea – nice note with great coloration and interesting depictions. This is a 35th commemorative note for the bank of Papua New Guinea.
  • Philippines –  I thought these were a nice selection of notes, and one note is a Japanese occupation note and the others are 1949 English version notes. I am afraid I don’t know the specific letter code for each pick – but the signatures you see on the notes are the signatures I have. I had no key to determine which pick was which.
  • Serbia – I just love these older notes, with amazing vignettes. These dinar notes are in great grade (XF+) which is amazing considering their age and size – large notes like this tended to not remain in good grade for too long. Definitely, amazing notes and it shows the quality of banknote printing from back then.
  • Samoa – definitely an interesting Tala note with nice coloration. If you get a chance please check out the new Samoa notes – these are simply amazing.
  • Somalia – a couple of nice notes with interesting depictions and coloration. Somalia definitely produce some nice interesting notes and these are nice examples.
  • Tunisia – nice older notes and both feature, of course, Habib Bourguiba. Great notes to add to your collection.

Well that is about it for the list.  I hope you “like” my offerings this week and it is amazing to think that this is my last list of 2013. It only seemed a little while ago that I was sending out my first list in January. Anyway, my next list will be sometime in January 2014 – probably around the middle of the month.

I feel confident that for US customers any orders early on in the week will make it before Christmas – but with the post office one can never guarantee anything. Again, hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2014. Thank you all so much for supporting me with kind words and encouragement and, of course, not least purchases.

Kind Regards – Robert