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Hope everyone is doing well and I appreciate very much your continued interest whether you are subscriber to my lists/newsletter or you are reading this on my blog. I hope that you will decide to sign up for these regular lists and/or feel there is something of interest to buy.

I feel like this a good place to talk about Zimbabwe currency, not that I have any on here for sale, but I believe there has been rumors out there that Zimbabwe maybe issuing new currency, and if they do then that will be great and nice to see some new notes from there. However, I feel that some people (not collectors I am certain) think that if they re-issue currency the $100 Trillion note will become very valuable and able to be exchanged for many millions of dollars. I want to make sure that this is not something I believe will happen, as they will most certainly re-value and the old currency will still be obsolete and only have a value to us collectors. I would just hate for anyone to think that it is a way to get rich quick. Anyway, just wanted to say this as I feel there has been a lot of buying activity on this note from people who are hoping it will give them a lot of money very soon.

Well, back to the list and this list includes banknotes from the following countries. PLEASE note as many of these notes are rarer older notes – quantities are limited – I want to apologize in advance if the particular note you want is out of stock. I “may” be able to get more of some of these notes. I will advise if I am sold out as to the possibility of more of the banknotes.

PS: Please note and watch grades on this list as you can appreciate with some of the older notes they are NOT UNC – please be careful to check grade before you buy. As you know, I never want to catch anyone by over-grading.

  • Algeria – Nice looking dinar note from a country you don’t see too many notes from. This note features a Koranic School.
  • Belgium – Another nice note from Belgium and these Belgium francs are getting harder to find now, I think they produced some great looking notes before going to the Euro. Definitely a nice note for any collection and again these Belgium notes are just not easy to find now. This note of course features Hendrik Beyaert.
  • Brazil – Nice collection of the newer issue notes that are nice and colorful and have some great depictions, especially the colorful 20 real note featuring of course the Golden lion tamarin. All these notes are amazing though and have great depictions. Of course over the years Brazil has seen a lot of inflation and they have issued many notes using Cruzados and Cruzeiros and then overprinting when inflation was rampant.
  • Comoros– An amazing set of beautiful and colorful notes. The 3 notes on this list are the 2,0005,000 and 10,000 Francs. Each note has some amazing coloration and some great depictions including: a mosque and market scene (2,000 Francs), President Djohr on the 5,000 Francs  and Al-Habib Seyyid O. bin Sumeit (hope I spelt that correctly) withsome ylang-ylang flowers and much more (10,000 Francs). Definitely a beautiful issue of notes and any one (or all 3) would make a nice addition to your collection and would be a great talking point.
  • Costa Rica – 2 interesting old 1917 special regional issues. I don’t know much about this older Colon – Colones regional issue notes, but they are colorful and albeit not in UNC grade they are in a nice aUNC/XF grade (with the 5 Colones showing definite foxing mark).
  • Croatia – nice newer 5 Kuna note. This note, I believe, has been on my list before, but has been out of stock and hard to find for a long time, so wanted to show this again in case you missed out last time it was issued, or you wanted to start with the lowest denomination newer 2001 series of Kuna notes from Croatia.
  • Cyprus – Beautiful 50 Cent note from another country that is hard to find notes from, especially this note. I find it amazing that they use pounds for their currency (of course since 2008 they now use the Euro) but this is a cent note and not pence.
  • Czechoslovakia – I have four, what I think are, interesting notes. Following on from the theme of older European notes these are some great looking notes, sadly not UNC, but in a nice grade and being so rare and hard to find, definitely a great place holder in your collection until you maybe lucky enough to find in UNC grade (which, for many notes I have done this with I never have found, so really glad I brought when I did). I do specifically like (and wanted to mention) the beautiful 20 Korun note. It is in VF grade but still shows the amazing coloration and depiction of young girl wearing a floral headband.
  • Dominican Republic – I have a couple of nice sets of specimen notes. Please see scans for the actual notes. As you know Dominican Republic Pesos specimen notes do have hole punches to denote they are specimen and not regular banknotes.
  • French West Africa – Beautiful old 1948 – 1949 bill. The coloration and depiction is amazing and whilst it is only in VF grade, this 5 Franc note would be a really nice addition to your collection. These French West Africa notes are still hard to find and I wish I could find more of these, and of course as I do I will add them to this list. I just love the old French style of banknote printing and of course the notes they issued for their colonies back in the late 40’s.
  • Germany East and West – Interesting 2 notes, one from East Germany and one from West Germany. These are interesting notes and it is nice to see the different styles of banknotes from pre-unified Germany. Of course both countries still used the denomination of the Mark.
  • Gibraltar – Interesting note featuring of course the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II. Gibraltar is of course still an English protectorate, and if you receive these lists regularly you will have seen the beautiful new 510, and 20 pound notes.
  • Ivory Coast (Western African States) – What can you say about these simply stunning notes, they have amazing depictions and coloration. While the p103Am is VF (it is of course 35 years old), it still has nice coloration. These notes would make a nice addition to any collection and are from one of the harder to find West African States.
  • Laos – 2 nicer higher denomination Kip notes (bills) They are newer issues and have some really nice coloration. Always nice to add these Laos notes to your collection.
  • Lebanon – This bill has stunning coloration and something you don’t often see on banknotes (I think Netherlands and Switzerland do this also) a bar code. A very interesting 10,000 Livres note from Lebanon and one that I think would be a colorful addition to your collection.
  • Liechtenstein – A rare find as only three notes (that I am aware of) have been issued from this tiny European country. This is shame considering the beauty of this note. I have graded this note aUNC, even though it was sold to me as UNC, simply because of age and the type of paper/printing process for notes of this period. Heller (plural is also Heller) notes from Liechtenstein (which I always have trouble spelling) are, I promise, very hard to find, and I believe would be a nice new country for most people’s collection.
  • Malta – Continuing on with two beautiful older and rarer European notes. Considering that Malta went to the Euro in 2008, their banknotes always been hard to find. Their currency has historically been strong currency, which causes us to wonder why they went to the Euro. I think the 10 Liri is one of the most beautiful notes out there and despite the VF grade you can still see the brilliance of the coloration of the boats on the back of the notes. It is also interesting that Malta changed from the Pound Sterling (English currency) to the Liri, when the Maltese Central Bank starting issuing currency in 1967, but they retain the pound symbol (£) on their notes. I am glad to be able to offer these notes from Malta on my list. It was a great find and I think you will agree they are amazing notes, and I am sure that Malta, along with Liechtenstein, could be an interesting new country to add to your collection.
  • Poland – Nice colorful special offer Zlotych note from Poland. This 20 Zlotych note features Romuald Traugutt and would make a nice addition to your Polish banknote collection, at a really great price.

Well that is about it for the list. Again, I hope you “like” my offerings this week and it is amazing to think that will probably only have 1 more full list for this year. I should have a “special” list coming out around Thanksgiving which will be a chance to catch some of the notes offered in the past that you may have missed out on, or especially for those many who have signed up within the last 6 months or so. Don’t forget that it is a good time to “hint” for Christmas gifts.

My next (retro/golden oldies) list should be out November 30th, and “probably” my last list of 2013 will be out on December 14th (day after my 21st – ish, birthday). I hope my American customers will have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thank you all again so much and please feel free to ask questions, and I will try to find someone who is clever enough and can answer them for you.

Kind Regards – Robert

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