Congo Democratic Republic 200 Francs pNew 2007
Our Special Offer – Congo Democratic Republic 200 Francs – pnew 2007 – available for purchase at

Hope everyone is doing well, and I can’t believe (no, not that its’ not butter, but actually I can’t believe that I can’t believe it’s not butter, is not butter either) that it has been 2 weeks since my last list. Where is the time going? If anyone sees it please let me know as I think someone is taking it and not telling me. Of course I think we went to decimal time and no one told me. My theory is we now have the following:

10 seconds to the minute
10 minutes to the hour
10 hours to the day
10 days to the month
10 months to the year

Which actually makes me a lot younger than I realize…….

Anyway, for those who follow me on “facebook” (yes I know, I am sorry) then it won’t be any surprise to hear that I am really excited about my new list/newsletter. I have some great looking notes for you to see and I still get a great deal of enjoyment out of seeing new notes arrive in my office, and then be able to share them with all of you. This list includes banknotes from the following countries.

  • Barbados – These are the newer 2009 Worrell signatures as opposed to the “a” variation which was the Williams signature – I do, of course, still have the earlier 2007 Williams signatures available also – email me for information on these.
  • Bhutan – Nice little selection of notes, featuring of course King Jihme Doriji Wangchuck. I think Bhutan have some great looking notes and it is interesting how many feature the Dzong Palace also. I should be getting the complete series of the 2011 issue shortly (as they say watch this space)
  • Colombia – Great looking older (1993) issue from Colombia. Always nice notes from here and again delivery time can be fluid, but should have a nice selection of the newer issues coming in soon and hopefully will be on next list.
  • Congo Democratic Republic – Special offer this list. A nice looking note with interesting depictions. A great opportunity to pick this note up at a great price.
  • Dominican Republic – A nice selection of newer issues, I know the older issues have been on the list before, but these notes are interesting notes and worth picking up to add to your collection if you don’t have the older issues.
  • Guinea Bissau (not be confused of course with Guinea) – A nice simple style of note featuring some famous leaders on the notes – P. Nalsna, D. Ramos, F. Mendes, and of course President A. Cabral. I also have them offered as a nice little set of 4 notes. It is not the complete set in the series as there is also a 5,000 and 10,000 Pesos note. I hope to offer them in the future, but not easy to find at this time.
  • Guyana – NOTE: The 10 and 20 dollar notes are NOT UNC – they grade at XF as they have some foxing marks, and minor corner issue. However, I am offering at a great price and still would look great in your collection. The 100 Dollar did come through in UNC grade and is a great looking note. Guyana, does have some nice notes and I do have the higher value notes available for sale also.
  • Nicaragua – Nice colorful set of notes for sale on this list, with the 10 & 20 Cordobas being Polymer notes. I also added the nice 100 cordobas for sale individually as it is an interesting note. PS: If you have interest in any of the notes in this set individually please let me know – I do have some in stock, but the higher denominations I would have to order specially for you.
  • Northern Ireland – Great set of newer issues from Northern Ireland, featuring of course the bank seal (Hibernia seated) and more interestingly a distillery on the back. How many countries do you know that would actually feature a distillery on the back of their notes (except maybe Scotland) Dare I say that banknotes are the window to the world and how great is it for a country to feature this on their notes. Kudos to Northern Ireland Bank. What a great talking point this would make when you show people your collection?
  • Paraguay – Whilst this is not a complete set of notes it does show a nice collection of the denominations available and would make a nice set if you wanted to add them to your collection as such, or you can pick a couple of nice individual notes. Please note that I only received 1 of the 500 Guaranies – I am expecting more, but I am afraid at this time when it sells I will have to take it of the website (I will of course refund any money if you buy after it is sold) If more come in I will let you know if interested and it is sold out. I don’t like to offer only 1 note, but hopefully more will arrive in the meantime.
  • Philippines – This note is NOT UNC – it grades at XF. Sadly, it was sold to me as UNC, but clearly has minor corner damage. It was not worth sending back, so would rather offer in this nice XF grade (still crisp and vibrant) at a special price – great opportunity to pick this note up at a good price.
  • Tunisia – what an amazing note – interesting depictions and coloration. This note features Ibn Khaldoun (aka Ibn Khaldūn) who as you all know was among the founder fathers of historiography, sociology and economics. Another great and interesting note for your collection and would be a major talking point when you show this note to others.
  • Zambia – last but not least. An amazing set of older issue notes from Zambia. All are listed for sale individually, but would make a nice colorful set for your collection. As always with Zambia notes they feature the African fish eagle bird. Zambia always seems to produce great looking notes, and I do have the newer Polymer issues for sale as well.

Well that is about it for the list. Again, I hope you “like” my offerings this week and it is amazing to think that will probably only have 2 more list for this year. I should have a “special” list coming out around Thanksgiving and should feature some rarer older notes (not all in UNC grade though) Also, it is a good time to for Christmas gifts (hint, hint). Well, this year has virtually gone now. Again, if anyone knows where a few of the months went let me know, as it seems only the other week I was wishing everyone Happy New Year.

My next list is out November 23th, and my special list (if all works out as planned, will be sent out November 30th), so as they say “stayed tuned” and I should have more beautiful next list.

Thank you all again so much and please feel free to ask questions, and I will try to find someone who is clever enough to answer them for you

Kind Regards – Robert

Northern Ireland 20 Pounds pNew 2013 - available for purchase at
Northern Ireland 20 Pounds pNew 2013 – available for purchase at
Tunisia 10 Dinar p87 - available for purchase at
Tunisia 10 Dinar p87 – available for purchase at