Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollar p91 Banknote
Zimbabwe 100 Trillion Dollar Banknote – Most zeroes on a banknote everrobertsworldmoney.com

The complete issue of Zimbabwe banknotes since changing from Rhodesia to the present. This series includes the highest banknote denominations ever issued. This shows you what inflation can do to an economy.  If you have any questions contact me at robert@robertsworldmoney.com.

This information is to the best of my knowledge at the time of update. I will try to update when more information comes available to me, if you need any help or information I will be happy to help. I have some of these notes in stock – however, many are getting rare and hard to find.

Zimbabwe Banknote issues from 1980 (Changing from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe) to end of known issues in 2021.

Original Series 1980-94 – Various letters and Signatures
2 Dollars p1 (variations known a, b, c, d)
5 Dollars p2 (variations known a, b, c, d, e)
10 Dollars p3 (variations known a, b, c, d, e)
20 Dollars p4 (variations known a, b, c, d, e)

Original Series 1994-97
5 Dollars p5 (variations known a & b)
10 Dollars p6
20 Dollars p7
50 Dollars p8
100 Dollars p9
500 Dollars p10 (with holographic stripe)
500 Dollars p11 (without holographic stripe, variations known a & b)
1,000 Dollars p12 (variations known a & b)

2003 Emergency Cheques (Standard Charter Cheques) RARE

Zimbabwe 1 Cent p33 Banknote
Zimbabwe 1 Cent pre-inflation Banknote – available for purchase from robertsworldmoney.com

5,000 Dollars p13 (variations known a & b)
10,000 Dollars p14 (variations known a & b)

2003 Emergency Travelers’ Cheques (RARE)
1,000 Dollars p15
5,000 Dollars p16
10,000 Dollars p17
20,000 Dollars p18
50,000 Dollars p19
100,000 Dollars p20

2003 Emergency Bearer’s Cheques (Various Redemption dates)
5,000 Dollars p21 (variations known a, b, c, d, e)
10,000 Dollars p22 (variations known a, b, c, d, e)
20,000 Dollars p23 (variations known a, b, c, d, e, f)

2004 Emergency Cargill Bearer’s Cheques (Standard Charter Cheques) RARE
10,000 Dollars p24
20,000 Dollars p25
50,000 Dollars p26
100,000 Dollars p27

Unknown – More research needed p28-32
50,000 Dollars p28 (good to 1.10.2005)
50,000 Dollars p29 (good to 1.2.2006)
50,000 Dollars p30 (good to 31.12.2006)
100,000 Dollars p31 (good to 1.10.2005)
100,000 Dollars p32 (good to 31.12.2006)

New series of Bearer’s Cheques 2006-2008

Zimbabwe 5-1000 s5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 7 Banknote Set
Zimbabwe 5-1000 Dollar 7 Banknote Set – available for purchase at robertsworldmoney.com

1 Cent p33
5 Cent p34
10 Cent p35
50 Cent p36
1 Dollar p37
5 Dollar p38
10 Dollar p39
20 Dollar p40
50 Dollars p41
100 Dollar p42
500 Dollar p43
1,000 Dollar p44
5,000 Dollar p45
10,000 Dollar p46 (variations known a & b)
50,000 Dollar p47
100,000 Dollar p48 (variations known a & b)
200,000 Dollar p49
250,000 Dollar p50
500,000 Dollar p51
750,000 Dollar p52
1 Million Dollar p53
5 Million Dollar p54
10 Million Dollar p55
25 Million Dollar p56
50 Million Dollars p57
100 Million Dollar p58
250 Million Dollar p59
500 Million Dollar p60
5 Billion Dollar (Agro-Cheque) p61
25 Billion Dollar (Agro-Cheque) p62
50 Billion Dollar (Agro-Cheque p63
100 Billion Dollar (Agro-Cheque) p64

New series of Banknotes – Not Bearer’s Cheques. 2008
1 New Dollar p65
5 New Dollar p66
10 New Dollar p67
20 New Dollar p68
100 New Dollar p69
500 New Dollar p70
1000 New Dollar p71
10,000 New Dollar p72
20,000 New Dollar p73
50,000 New Dollar p74
100,000 New Dollar p75
500,000 New Dollar p76
1 Million New Dollar p77
10 Million New Dollar p78
50 Million New Dollar p79
100 Million New Dollar p80
200 Million New Dollars p81
500 Million New Dollar p82
1 Billion New Dollar p83
5 Billion New Dollar p84
10 Billion New Dollar p85
20 Billion New Dollar p86
50 Billion New Dollar p87
10 Trillion New Dollar p88
20 Trillion New Dollar p89
50 Trillion New Dollar p90
100 Trillion New Dollar p91

NEW New Banknotes – 2009
1 NEW New Dollar p92
5 NEW New Dollar p93
10 NEW New Dollar p94
20 NEW New Dollar p95
50 NEW New Dollar p96
100 NEW New Dollar p97
500 NEW New Dollar p98

Zimbabwe then used the South African Rand. (Also, I believe the US$)

See my post on the new South African Rand banknotes featuring Nelson Mandela.


In 2016 they attempted to start printing money again but only printed 2 banknotes before they decided it was not working.

2 Dollar p99 (variations known a & b)
5 Dollar p100 (variations known a & b)

Then most recently in 2019 they started again with these banknotes as follows:

2 Dollar pNEW 2019
5 Dollar pNEW 2019
10 Dollar pNEW 2020
20 Dollar pNEW 2020
50 Dollar pNEW 2020 (2021)
100 Dollar pNEW 2020 (2021)

See many of these Zimbabwe Notes on my website, robertsworldmoney.com.  More notes being added every day!