Romania 2,000 Lei p111
My first banknote was this beautiful colorful Romanian note. It is available for purchase at

Think about the last time you went a day without thinking about, touching, or using money. I bet it’s been a while. Money is a universal and necessary item that we use everyday- but how many of you have actually taken the time to exam your banknotes? If you were asked to draw your currency on a piece of paper without looking in your wallet first, could you accurately represent it? Even though money is something that is used so much in our daily lives, it goes almost unnoticed.

Banknote collectors are those rare people who get to explore those notes that sit in people’s wallets, purses, and pockets all over the world. Still a fairly new concept; banknote collectors are growing everyday (Kind of like stamp-collecting for the next generation). Starting a hobby of collecting banknotes can open you up to new countries, cultures, languages, histories, political figures, controversies, heritages, animals, landmarks, and so, so much more. And the most amazing part is you get to learn all about this amazing world we live in, without even having to walk out your front door. In-fact when I first started collecting I was told that banknotes gave you a “window to the world” while you may never get to go to that country you get an opportunity to look into their world and what is important enough to them to depict onto a banknote.

When I started collecting banknotes I tried to research some basic information on this fairly new hobby. Even though there is tons of information out there, I found it difficult to find an easy- how to- 101 basic beginners  guide; which is why I decided to start a series of my own on the beginning essentials of starting your own collection of banknotes.

I will be writing a series of blogs talking about some of the thrills as well as possible limitations to early collectors. Helping you decided how to start your collection, where to start collecting as well as explaining technical terms, how to tell the quality/grade of a note, and even storing your notes. I hope some of this fundamental information can be educational to you, even if you’ve been collecting for a while – I hope to be able to explain more about this fascinating and interesting hobby no matter if you’ve been collecting for a few weeks or several years!