Arctic Territories 2 and 1/2 Dollar Note
New Arctic Territories 2 and 1/2 Dollar note – available for purchase at
Arctic Territories 6 Dollar Note
New Arctic Territories 6 Dollar note – available for purchase at
Arctic Territores 11 Dollar Note
New Arctic Territories 11 Dollar note – available for purchase at

Since the debut of the Arctic Territories banknotes in 2010, these beautiful fun notes have been a big hit for all different kinds of collectors. Now in 2013 the banknote series is getting a little bigger, there are three new notes joining the set. Among the 1,2,3,5,8,9,10, and 15 polar dollars will now be a 2 1/2, 6, and 11.

The new notes not only feature new beautiful pictures but they also have placed a beautiful new security strip on these notes, as well as a Smart Scanner Barcode so you can look the items up via your smart phone. Another difference in these new notes is where the last set focused mainly on information from the South and North Pole and explorers of both on the back of the notes, the new ones highlight Greenland. The other big difference is that all three notes have the same information about Greenland: being the worlds largest island, and is almost entirely inside the Arctic Circle. The other notes all had different information on the notes, where as these new three are all uniform.

In my opinion the pictures on these three notes couldn’t be better! They are absolutely beautiful.

The 2 1/2 showcases the polar bear, and is not the lowest denomination featuring the majestic creature.

The 6 (which is my personal favorite) is a beautiful blue color with a Polar Wolf standing proud.

Lastly the 11  beautifully depicts a blue whale splashing into the cold Arctic waters as his tale follows behind him. The note also states that “Blue Whales can be up to 30 meters long (which is over 98 inches!!), weighing up to 180 tons, and are the largest creatures that ever existed” Wow!!

Maybe it’s because I’m an animal lover, but to me these notes are ones to add to any collection. I especially love them for young or new collectors the beautiful pictures and factual information stirs such a love for collecting in all hearts. I’m so glad to see these new notes join the Arctic Territories set, they are beautiful and a great addition to all collections.