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  • The Kerguelen Islands strangely enough have had problems with the vulnerability of their wildlife, and it’s partially due to a problem with cats! The main island is the home of a well-established feral cat population mostly descended from ship’s cats. Ship’s cats refers to cats that were brought aboard ships to help catch mice and rats and also serve as cute cuddly comforting companions for the voyage!(See picture below!).
  • The Kerguelen Islands notes all feature a different cat on the back, one black one grey and one yellow. These three cats are actually the note maker’s three cats that he owns and decided to start their modeling career on his Kerguelen notes!
  • I would volunteer my cat if the designer ever wanted to make a fourth note in this series, but I doubt she would be too keen on dieting for her photo shoot! Looks like there will not be a fourth note feature my kitty cat!!!
Cat hammock on board a ship... it's a hard life!!
Cat hammock on board a ship… it’s a hard life!!